When asking questions about sprays, e.g. when and how often to use them

Longer term pioneers can be helpful when the team have so many questions to answer (there seems to be a huge influx of new pioneers recently!) but you need to say if you are asking about the herbal mouth sprays or the new fragrance sprays which older pioneers haven’t tried yet.

If you dont say which type of sprays you might get an answer that makes no sense to you, or else you won’t get any help from other pioneers if they dont know which sprays you are referring to :slightly_smiling_face:


I am using fragrance spray and im really liking the scent, i believe in sleeping better too, i have been using it twice a day(around dinner time and right before bedtime)


That sounds positive Cathy, especially if it might be helping your sleep too!

I have been doing the herbal mouth sprays also at dinner time and just before bed and i finished all the pods a couple of days ago.
They dont taste great but i think they have helped me. :slightly_smiling_face:

What scent is your spray?


I don’t know how to tell


I am doing the fragrance spray as well and i definitely feel more calm and it seems so nice and fresh in the am


Our fragrances are an amazing and technically-crafted combination of several herbs, plants, and natural extracts - so the exact aromas can be difficult to pin-point! @drmudlark It’s exactly in the layered scents that the key to providing some focus-boosting benefits lies!

Very interesting to hear that they may have nudged you towards some better sleep too @Cathy1 - long may it continue, and our ingestible plant remedies are always here should you wish to try those in an upcoming program too :slight_smile:

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Yes it seems to be i like how the scent stays in the room for about 5 minutes i think its great and not too strong

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I am bumping this topic up past the long list of topics about pebbles etc., because there is still clearly a lot of confusion about the sprays (now there are fragrance sprays too) amongst the more recent pioneers.

PLEASE NOTE THERE ARE 2 TYPES OF SPRAYS NOW - herbal mouth sprays (with a black pod) which you do spray in your mouth, and new Fragrance sprays (white pod) which you do NOT spray into your mouth.
You will have an instruction card with your sprays and you just need to follow those. :slightly_smiling_face:

[Sorry, i am not shouting although i have to admit to becoming frustrated at needing to answer similar questions quite frequently, often on the same page, if i want to help new pioneers. You should all have instructions in your box and it is important that you follow those so that you dont get confused with other advice about other sprays on here]

The team are always lovely and extremely patient, much better than me, but i do try to help too.

If you have a different question about your sprays, please state which type you are using (as per my Opening Post) so that if the team are not available to help immediately (they need a break at weekends and are very busy as the pace of the sofi programme increases), some pioneers may be able to help you in the meantime.

Best wishes to all x

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You can find lots of information in the Treehouse Index about the herbal mouth sprays, the fragrances, the pebbles and their history etc.
You can use the search symbol to look for anything you are interested in x

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Cheers much appreciated

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Ever grateful for your support @drmudlark!

We still have a long ways to go in ensuring that every step of the process (for fragrance and sleep/calm Pioneers) is unmistakingly clear. Shortly we will be re-introducing notifications and eventually adding additional features there from a dynamic recommended number of sprays based on your results, to reminders that a step on your pioneer journey map ( :compass:) is still incomplete! Fingers crossed that will lend itself to a more guided experience.

And of course, as we begin to scale sofi and our production capabilities increase, you can expect more personalised shipment updates every step of the way.

For now, we often joke within the team that sofi is a little more complex than, say, selling chocolate bars - so we’re very grateful for any feedback and the overall role that our community plays in supporting one another through!

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