How to work program?

I cant figure out how to journal. When i joined the platform initiated the first journal entry. Now im not sure how to … please advise. Much gratitude.


Hi @elilode1973, welcome to the nicest community out there. Don’t fret about the journaling as its just a matter of following a few easy instructions one by one. Make sure when you access the app on whatever device you’re using that the sofi stick is nearby and that your bluetooth is switched on. The app should acknowledge the stick and show your remaining sprays on screen. The app will say Journal Awaits at the bottom of the screen, press that and away you go. The questions are mainly sleep related and aimed at helping determine our association with plant based products. Hope that helps a little and once again, relax and enjoy.


Hi @elilode1973, welcome to the sofi community. As @CjaJose mentioned, this is a great community, and members and the sofi team are all so helpful and supportive. It’s a very right time to join because by the end of the month we expect the new enhanced product S2 version to be released.
I am going to tag this to @alexwalkerjones and @kaveh for future support.
Enjoy and talk soon :smiling_face:


Hi @elilode1973, welcome to the treehouse and to sofi! :blush: :sofi_moon: we are so excited you found us here in the search for more sleep and better calm!

I can see you’ve successfully downloaded your sofi app which is awesome. The next step is to simply complete your daily “journal” for 10 consecutive days. You do this by visiting the app, selecting “journal now,” and following the prompts and questions until your journaling for the day is complete.

Why 10 days? Well, this is because before we can send a Pioneer Pack to you (containing your sofi stick and plant pods), we need to establish a baseline of your current mood and sleep in order to later measure any effect from the plants.

Once your baseline of 10 days is complete, the next steps is to confirm your address and receive a small surprise from us to validate that your Pioneer Pack will make it to you - wherever in the world that might be! Make sure to continue journaling in the meantime :slight_smile:

Once you’ve received your surprise, then your Pioneer Pack is officially reserved under your name and will be shipped to you following production.
I hope that helps and please reach out or explore the answers in the treehouse anytime - we are so lucky to have a community full of helpful fellow Pioneers who are always happy to offer support.

Alex :love_letter: