Reagrding the Sofi pods

When do I receive my sofi pod?


Hi @jah! Welcome to the treehouse and thanks for your question! :sparkles: :crescent_moon:

Your journey as a Pioneer begins by downloading your sofi app (check :white_check_mark:) and completing your journal for 10 consecutive days. This is because before we can send a Pioneer Pack (containing your sofi stick and plant pods) to you, we need to establish a baseline of your current mood and sleep in order to later measure any effect from the plants.

Once your baseline of 10 days is complete, the next steps is to confirm your address and receive a small surprise from us to confirm that your Pioneer Pack will make it to you - wherever in the world that might be! And do continue journaling in the meantime :sofijis: :sofi_moon:

Once you’ve received your surprise, then your Pioneer Pack is officially reserved under your name and will be shipped to you following production (TBD).

I hope that helps and keep up the good journaling work! You’ll also find alot of helpful fellow Pioneers in this treehouse, and we can’t wait to see more of you around :blush:



Welcome to our community here @jah and super grateful for having you on this journey with us :pray: