New confused

Hey everyone!

I stumbled upon sofi while researching one day. I have been journaling for a few days. I am very curious and exited to see what happens next! I still don’t fully understand whether or not i will be sent anything😂


Welcome @berrakeven
Im sure that one of the team will answer you tomorrow, but in the meantime - first you have to journal as regularly as you can for 10 days (your baseline, but don’t stop there, keep going). After this the team will send you a sofi surprise.

Once you get your surprise, you should upload a photo of it in your hand and that will assure the team that future packages of the sprays will reach you safely. You will be registered to receive a plant extract after that.

Things are starting to move faster now than a year or so ago, so it shouldn’t be too long. :slightly_smiling_face:

The main thing is to journal regularly as this provides a good basline with which to compare improvements/ changes in sleep and mood when you are using the plant sprays, analysed by the sofi system. Good journalling helps the analysis and will benefit us pioneers.

It can seem confusing when you first arrive but it will soon become clear.
I’m sure the team will provide you with links to the most important things to read that will help you, and if you look around the treehouse you will discover lots about the sofi system yourself.

Im a night owl but I had better try for some :zzz: now


Have a look at this for starters

On the important role of a daily journal :memo:


Welcome to our lovely community @berrakeven, I’m glad you found us :heart:

And how cool is it that you’re journaling, without even really knowing why!? :smiley:

With such amazing responses by @drmudlark there is hardly anything I could add. She’s explained the process perfectly. So thank you so much @drmudlark, that’s much appreciated. My hat == off (if I had a hat that is…).

I guess the only thing left to say is that the baseline journaling helps you understand the impact a formulation has on your regular pattern. Which is why you need ten days of journaling before you start. And once we have verified your address we can then send over the sofi stick and formulations. They’re rather expensive for us, so we need to make sure they actually arrive :slight_smile:

Anyway, if there are any other specific questions you have, feel free to ask anyone in the community, or of course myself or any of the other team members floating about in here :smiley:


@drmudlark @vincent thank you so much for such a warm and informative reply! I have just submitted my 15th journal so i am excitedly waiting for the next step!!


That’s amazing @berrakeven and the next steps should be your sofi surprise coming to you … adding @alexwalkerjones so we can keep track … and once you send your sofi surprise photo back and confirm address we can see if we can dispatch a starter pack to you right away … keep journalling as that all helps sofi learn more about how you are before you take a plant and she will compare how you feel as you take the plant to how you felt and use a bit of mathematics to see if she feels that the plant has been helpful for you … what’s really cool is that we are going to circle through all three plants so you will get an exposure to all of them! :pray: