How user friendly do you all find the tree house app?

I’m curious to know if it’s just me :sweat_smile:? Or it could be my old phone. Personally I don’t find navigating my way around the conversations and replies that easy and wondered what others thought?


I’m still getting my head around it @Nict and there are some bits of advice from @alexwalkerjones and @vincent out community guru … the technology itself is a web browser so it shouldn’t be too tricky on different mobile types (any we have seen dozens of device manufacturers with hundreds of different device types)! I just come back here a couple of times in the day and engage with the last conversations but let’s see if @alexwalkerjones has some suggestions that may help … importantly so grateful to have you here as part of the community and helping us in our ambition to generate reconnect people and plants in our search for calm and sleep :pray:


Hi @Nict,

I was just replying to another post that we plan to implement a Master FAQ that lives both here in the treehouse, and on the sofi app that allows for some easier navigation of any questions/curiosities you may have. :blush:

Love to hear your thoughts on whether this would be useful or not!