I just want to be able to sleep a great and restful night sleep. Just can't seem to turn off my mind

I cant remember the last time i actually had a restful night sleep. My mind just doesn’t want to turn off. I’m going over things in my head about did i grab dog food or planning out to talk to someone before i actually did. I’m making plans for next week. It hbe nice to go to sleep and stay asleep.


Hiya and welcome :hugs:🩷 @Hallgirl42

I have had the exact same problem for years, but have had mental health issues since a young age due to trauma, and palmed off with anxiety and depression meds for ages!
I have been wrongly diagnosed over the years with bipolar, which then after a 3 week stint in a mental health unit was rightly diagnosed with personality disorder, which I’ve taken Quetiapine for for 9 years now.
I was still struggling with anxiety and couldn’t turn my brain off at night, which I still suffer with, but I recently got diagnosed with ADHD and OCD, which are all on the same spectrum. It was explained to me that if you get diagnosed with any illness on the spectrum, usually others will come hand in hand?
Have u ever been diagnosed with or spoken with your gp about the possibility of being diagnosed with a specific mental illness?!

Obviously I’m no doctor, lol, so I would never try and diagnose you, but your problems seem very similar to mine, especially with the having conversations in my own head before speaking to people, so just sharing my experience with u, and if it helps u at all, then fantastic xx :muscle:t4::blush:


Thank you for that information and I will most definitely look into getting this looked at ad hopefully taken care of. I hope that they finally got you taken care of and that your finally on the right track to a better life.


Yes definitely 🫶🏽🫶🏽🫶🏽

Ahh Thankyou! 🩷🩷 Yes, I’m defo feeling a lot more stable and more like myself these days, just still struggling with sleep :weary:
But that’s why I love this community, I’ve learnt so much since joining, and it’s so nice to have hope again! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Also, it’s just a relief to know it’s not just me! Lol! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::rofl:

Hopefully u can get to the bottom of the reasoning behind your issues hun, as sometimes, even just knowing there IS a reason can give u peace :peace_symbol: sending hugs :hugs::hugs::hugs:xx


Thank you! It’s just nice knowing that there are others that go through the same thing and that I’m not alone in this. Just hearing your story and issues you went through helped me out a lot. I just hope now I can find a compassionate and understanding doctor that will take the time to help me so I can better understand alot of my issues. I don’t want to keep going to doctors that just guess what’s wrong by past experiences with other patients. I need one that’s going to sit down and explain what’s going on and if they can’t figure it out send me somewhere that will. But it’s hard finding doctors like that these days. Their go to is just to give me what they think is the problem and turns out never was. But thank you for your response and information I will take it dueling noted.


Hi @Hallgirl42 - so sorry to hear about your struggles.

Mental health problems can indeed be an obstacle to a healthy and joyful life. I hope you can find the right treatment for yourslef and have a smoother journey ahead of you :pray: :sofi_moon:


Bless you! @Hallgirl42
Yeah, my experience was the same, the NHS has so much pressure on them, it so hard to even get the ball rolling! And even just going through the gruelling process is enough to trigger anxiety anyway! :woman_facepalming:t4:

You can do a self referral for talking therapy, if that’s better for you? Maybe then whoever you speak to can make recommendations?
I’ll upload a link here 🩷🩷

Self referral - NHS

There’s a website called ‘Every Mind matters’ which is good as well! U can click directly on a link to it from this same page I linked :blush:

Hope this helps it to be a little less scary :hugs::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:xx


It does help and any information :information_source: can get helps me because I honestly didn’t know where to start. But the link you sent me you said was that a therapist?


Ahh good, glad to help :hugs::hugs: @Hallgirl42

Yeah, it’s a link just to the NHS website, but it’s the page u need, where you can find a therapist and refer yourself, so u can cut out going to the GP.
The whole page is really helpful though, and tells you all about the process, so you’re informed before you search for one. If u read through it, it will give u direct links on the page to find a therapist in your area that u can access for free 🩷🩷🩷xx


Oh I know exactly what you mean! My brain races and won’t switch off at night. I’ve found that leaving a notepad and pencil by the bed helps, when I think of something I write it down instead of keeping myself awake trying to remember what I need to do the next day. I can just go back to sleep knowing I’ve made a note of it.
I don’t use the note app on my phone at night because once I’ve picked it up I know I’ll check Facebook, messenger and emails and before I know it another hour has passed!
My new obsession is my Bluetooth sleep eye mask, it’s amazing. It’s so soft on my eyes and I put a loop of cat purring sounds on YouTube or Spotify. It feels like it’s massaging my brain and I drift off so much quicker. That seems to be the correct sound frequency for me and the sound of rain or thunderstorms works well too. I used to just play them through Alexa in the bedroom but this eye mask feels so nice.
You can pick them up on eBay for less than a tenner, definitely a good investment! :smiling_face:
Sleep well :purple_heart:


Thank you for that information.