I received an email March 31 for the sofi surprise but still no stone

I’m in the US so I know it takes a bit but wanted to check in, in hopes that I won’t miss out on the next plant phase.


Hi @t-michelle - your surprise was shipped last week, but if it doesn’t make it to you by the end of this one, we’ll send another one on its way! Try to not worry as there is plenty of time and Pioneers Packs remaining to be reserved! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :blush:

@alexwalkerjones it still has not shown up I won’t stress over it cuz I know it does take a while to get here with customs but I appreciate it thank you

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I’ll re-add you to the send this for this week @t-michelle that way we’ve doubled our odds nonetheless :blush: Thanks again!

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It is in my mailbox and I am heading home to get it I’m so excited I will post pictures soon

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