Interaction with prescribed medicine

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I’m so happy that I found such a great platform to release the stress of. Invited a friend who joined and he is happy though.
So I have an important question about the ingredients and sprays at all,do they interact with prescribed medicine. I’m currently on Sertaline about one year till now. If anyone knows the answer please let me know.
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Hi Berrin, As you will know, interactions have been reported for various combinations of herbal extracts and prescription medications. They are likely to err on the side of caution but should not be ignored if there is an identified risk.

You can always find information on interactions between specific herbs and prescribed medicines e.g. webMD, and many other websites, including specialist herbal sites, but i think you should still ask your GP (if you can actually get to see one!)

We have a very knowledgeable herbal specialist on the sofi team who i will tag here @pamelaspence so that she will see your question. She will likely suggest that you check with your GP as well but she can provide you with helpful information that i am not qualified to do.


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Sorry for the delay in replying - I have been snowed under. Thanks for tag @drmudlark!

We do have to pay attention to the possibility of interactions between herbs and pharmaceuticals. So we prepared this information that you can share with your health professional and they can advise you on that. Is it ashwagandha that you are trialling from us? If so here is a link to the info that you need Ashwagandha

And if it is a different plant (valerian or Passiflora) then perhaps @alexwalkerjones you could link Berrin to the right page?

Hope that helps :blush::herb: