Ashwaganda and valerian at the same time…?

Hi all,

I’ve almost finished my first Ashwaganda spray bottle and yesterday I received my box of valerian sprays.

Am I waiting until the Ashwaganda is fully finished? I’m thinking that they can’t be taken at the same time as they journal wouldn’t be consistent…

Thanks everyone!:sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


Yes , complete the ashwagandha first before you go onto valerian :slight_smile: @alexwalkerjones does there need to be a period between for sofi to gather her data or can it be started straight away ?

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Good question @Aaron - thanks for asking! I’d be curious what our updated findings on the “wash out” period are. Tagging @enricovarano to see if there is a significant difference between starting immediately with a new plant, or waiting some time :slight_smile:

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I received my passiflora after finishing my ashwagandha and only had about a 2 week gap. I started taking it because i wanted to sleep. Would be interested in the findings of waiting/starting straight away, if any.