Journal Problem


Is anyone else having problems with journelling.

I have journalled almost every day since I joined but for some reason loads of them haven’t recorded.


Hi @DollsHead,

Thanks for your post! Let’s see if we can get to the bottom of this.

Could you elaborate on what you mean that they haven’t been recorded? Any screenshots or videos you can provide are super helpful when it comes to raising a bug or temporary glitch with our app team!

Thanks so much and look forward to hearing back :pray: x

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Hi Alex

Thanks for your response. Ive literally onky just taken notice. Ive been journerlling almost every day. I recently received the email about the update where you can see journalling history so i went to have a look and noticed i have very few records.

I was having a lot of problems with my old phone so it may be down to that

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Ive just uploaded some screen shots. You will see it was recording fine, it starts to get sketchy and stops recording from August until i signed up with my new phone at the beginning of Nov and is recording fine again :woman_shrugging:

I think its more likely to be an error with my phone but thought i would reach out in case it was a software problem upu needed to be aware of x

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Hmmm @DollsHead, I see what you mean! It jumps quite abruptly.

My first thought is, is there any chance you were logged in to a different account between August and getting your new phone. It happens quite commonly by logging in (even with the same email) via Google log-in or FB sign-on instead.

Thankfully, aside from any past journeys with plants where the missing journals may have skewed the results, a couple months of missing history won’t affect your results or ability to participate moving forward - so try not to worry! :blush:

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Thanks Alex, it was more a concern for yourselves if it was an app blip but if its just me being a numpty, which is quite possible i wont worry :see_no_evil: