Journal reminders

Not a great fan of this and would welcome suggestions on how to turn it off. Don’t want to have to turn off notifications in case of missing something important. Still having to plug Sofi in to connect to app and will probably have to ask for it to be collected and fixed.

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Hi @CjaJose - thank you for posting. You can alter your notification settings any time by going to profile (:bust_in_silhouette:) → notification settings → and opting to turn journaling and/or spraying notifications off.

You may find that you prefer one over the other (for example if you are more prone to forgetting to journal versus forgetting to spray - or vice versa) and I’ll attach our notification schedule below for anyone interested in the logic we are using.

Feedback welcomed! These notifications are there to serve you :blush: :sofi_moon:

For Pioneers completing their baseline:

  • Journal notification 9:30 AM, if you haven’t already journaled that morning

For Pioneer with an active plant study:

  • Journal notification 9:30 AM, if you haven’t already journaled that morning
  • Journal notification 8:00 PM, if you haven’t already journaled that evening
  • Spray notification at 10pm if you haven’t sprayed throughout the evening

We are also thinking of introducing notifications more related to plants/systems/milestone alerts. I’ll attach a poll just below in case these would be of interest to anyone!

Which additional notification(s) would you find most useful?

  • “Your pod battery is running low! charge it now to avoid missed sprays”
  • “a refill program is on its way - increase your sofi score to participate”
  • “a new plant study has been activated! tap your sofi app to learn more”
  • “milestone incoming - don’t forget to confirm your address!”
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