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Hi everyone I’m new here and I’m just wondering when do you get your pod is it after you log on for 10 days in a row then they send you the pod ?


Hi, first you have to complete your morning and evening journal as regularly as you can. After 10 days or so you should be prompted to confirm your address (you can see where you are in the steps under the compass icon at the bottom of the first page of the app).
After that you will receive your sofi surprise ( a pebble) which is sent to check that the pod and capsules will reach you safely.

In the meantime you need to keep journalling regularly. The more background information that sofi has, the better to determine any benefits in sleep duration, quality, and mood when you start the trial sprays. Journalling can also be useful for us pioneers to get a handle on our sleep and mood patterns.

You have joined at a time when there has been an unprecedented number of new pioneers and after years of research and improvements, plus nearly 2 years of free trials, sofi now has to start marketing their products with subscriptions as well as providing a trial for new pioneers.

Useful Information is given in the following link - read @alexwalkerjones first post in this thread, including under the subheading ’ no pioneer left behind’

You will see that you will receive a free trial pod and sprays but circumstances now mean that this won’t be until the end of the year. I know this seems like a long wait but the processing of the plants in sequence for the trials has speeded up since the early days. I joined in early 2022 and received my first trial after about 8 months in October.

I recommend that you do some reading about sofi so that you know about the products and the interactive nature of the programme, treating each person as an individual by analysis of their journalling data. There is a search facility in the Treehouse where you can look up various topics and FAQs. Some useful information is also pinned to the top of the Treehouse.

Information on the 3 herbs trialled so far is also available in the Treehouse. The next herb to be trialled is Chamomile which is the one you will receive at the end of the year, unless you wish to subscribe when you would be sent 3 herbs to start with : Valerian, Passiflora, and Ashwaghanda for the first 3 months. Sofi analysis of your sleep and mood data with these herbs can determine which of them work best for you.



What a comprehensive answer @drmudlark! Thank you kindly for summing it all up so well!


Hi alex, and @Agreen - i may be wrong about one thing i posted to Agreen, that is about journalling morning and evening. I read today in the bubble trouble thread that for baselining there is only 1 journal per day from @Kirill (although that was back in May).

I hadnt realised because since the 2 journals per day option came in, i still get 2 a day to do although i have finished my last sprays.

Perhaps 1 a day is before a pioneer tries any sprays?
Clarification needed please so i don’t get anything wrong when trying to help other pioneers with their questions :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Ok thanks guys I’ll do that I can’t wait to start this


Hi @drmudlark,

This is a really great point, and one that I plan to raise with our app team so that we can increase clarity within the app. Once each study is ended (either by finishing all sprays via the sofi app - or by selecting “end study” should an error of some kind have occurred), I believe the app should revert back to one journal per day.

It may also be worth noting that we are currently re-thinking our logic for the journey map and journaling structure too, so this will likely be subject to change! I’ll keep in the loop of the changes, so that I can update the treehouse with the new logic as soon as I know of it :blush:


Hi, is there any update on this as I finished my pods some time ago, the end study option is still not there and still expected to journal twice a day?

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Hi @louparker13, a refill pack of our focus fragrances will be headed your way soon (shipping at the beginning of next week), so please do continue to baseline journal so that sofi can better understand your results!

For those who do not have a refill program on the way, (or once you are finished with any refills), please feel free to pause journaling - we’ll be sure to reach out when new programs are launched so that journaling can begin again :slight_smile:

PS starting with a new plant or fragrance will automatically switch you to a new journey, so don’t worry if the end study option isn’t working for you x