Just an idea or two

So I realize the sprayers are called ‘pods’ and I don’t really think of pods as something that are easily movable. A pod makes me think of something more like a wax melt type vase.

Regardless, while I love the idea of a Bluetooth scent distributer, I’m wondering if this would be better used as a wall plug in type device? Instead of having to charge it, just have it always plugged in. Have the same Bluetooth connection and data info, but could also utilize a schedule function?

I’d love to have it automatically dispense at certain times if the day or throughout the night while sleeping. Could set ones in other rooms where no one is sleeping to not as to save scent.

Maybe even a duel scent holder so you could have one energetic scent during the daytime to help with productivity and one other scent for evenings to help with relaxation.

Just ideas! Don’t know if anyone else wants to add their 2¢!


That would be ok for people who spend a lot of time at home, or perhaps ok for people who purchase both the herb mouth sprays and the fragrances.

Many are out at work for much of the day or travel with their work, or go away for other reasons.
If there is a spray to help with anxiety, say, they would want to be able to access their pod whenever they need it.