Issues with my sprayer / app

Just curious to see if anyone is having similar issues or if I’m just a doof:

  • Not entirely sure of charge level of sprayer. I realize it’s not going to last forever on one charge, but is there a way to keep an eye on the battery level? Is there a way to turn it “off” when not in use to save the charge longer?

  • spray miscount: my app is showing incorrect logs for my sprays. Typically I’ll do at least 3 sprays per use and I have been using it daily since my first charge. My app is showing days with 0 sprays and also times with like 1 spray even tho I know I always do it more than once.

Anyone have any insight on either of these issues?

Thanks in advance!


Hi @Jow - these are great questions and we’re glad you asked! How are you getting on with your FOCUS fragrances so far?

  • We hope to implement a battery tracker / battery display in the app, very soon, however this will likely arrive alongside our next generation of the sofi pod. One way to preserve the battery for longer, and avoid additional drain is to remove your capsule between uses.

  • As far as the spray count, we have had a range of some technical difficulties. It’s important firstly to determine whether there is a mismatch between the data we have behind the scenes and what is being displayed for you in-app, so a screenshot of your spray history would be hugely helpful for that.

Next, it would be great ton confirm that you are watching the spray count to check whether it goes down with each press, and that a green light triggers upon a success full spray (i.e. firm press, all the way down), as occasionally the pod can be somewhat stiff - strong thumbs here we come! :blush: :crossed_fingers:

Look forward to hearing back and here to help!

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I will keep a better eye on sprays versus measurements now! Before I was just spraying at random here and there, sometimes with the app open, sometimes not. I’ll make sure to keep better track now!

I’ve yet to see a green light because I’m always aiming it away from myself and releasing before looking at the front of the sprayer. I’ll try and make sure I inspect and see if there’s a light before releasing after a spray going forward as well.

I love the citrus scent so far but would be lying if I said I wasn’t really looking forward to what the others are!

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