Just started on no 2

Hi Everyone.
I have just staarted on my number 2 pod. It will be interesting to see what its like.
Have had an intersting few days. Plenty of time in the garden but only early in the morning before it gets too hot
Did a birthday tea for my neighbour who was 80 but he didnt come because he went away so some other friends still came and we toasted hos health.
Swimming early this morning.
Love to all the other Sofi pioneers.
Meg xx


Hey Meg! Thanks for sharing.

I love the idea of a little impromptu get-together to toast someone’s health and celebrate them, even if they aren’t in the room! What a thoughtful gesture and he must be lucky to have you all as neighbours and friends! x


Hi Alex.
We are lucky to have a very friendly helpful road. Good neighbours.
Meg x