Life with the wonderful sofi

Just wanted to say how interesting it is working with the new app.
Love the new dials.
Glad you have kept the old tree logo as well as the new logo.
Waiting for the new pods to arrive. So exciting.
Best wishes to everyone. Meg. Xx


We are so delighted to have you on this journey with us @Meg and can’t wait for you to have the new sofi pods and Ashwa bottles … it’s an amazing plant! Adding @alexwalkerjones so we can see if you are on the first wave … but as soon ad you confirm baseline and address in the new app I suspect you will have a pack reserved and shipped :pray:

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Hi Sofi

I thought I had already confirmed my address etc.

Let me know if I have to do it again.



Just adding @alexwalkerjones here so we can make sure it’s all up and good! :pray:


Hi @Meg - you are all good to go address wise. :blush: Did the app ask you to confirm it once again? xx

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Hi Alex.
The problems started on Sunday night when I came to spray. I was asked to log in. I did my usual name and password and it told me it wasn’t accepted because there was already someone registered with that name. Then inspite of trying to get out of it I couldn’t do anything about it.
Yesterday morning it again asked me to log in. This time it allowed me to log in and then asked me to confirm all my details. Date of birth etc.
It again asked me to pair my pod which I did. My sprays are showing as if I started yesterday . My see total was showing as 10.
I did the snake and it was showing me way up.
This morning all worked for me ok.except the totals were not showing any of my previous sprays or seeds.
Let me know if I need to do anything.
Meg xx


How is our lovely sofi behaving tonight @Meg … hope the bugs have been mostly chased out of our code in this latest release! :pray:

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