Life is full of ups and downs

White screen of death appeared again. Uninstalled and reinstalled app. On my third pod and have lost everything nothing recorded eh sprays journals etc so I may be starting my journey over again.
But hey no probs as that is why we are here to help where we can.
Will leave it to the behind the scenes folk at SOFI as Rome wasn’t built in a day - took a wee bit longer :blush:


Hi @cbryce54 - please rest assured that no matter what you see on screen, any previous data is safe! I will tag @Kirill and @mathiassilva4 here right away so that they know!


Hi Alex not a prob. When I log onto app it’s a white screen and then I uninstall and reinstall app and have to log in. all info is reset to zero be and if I come onto Treehouse all Comms are there and then go back on website and most things are there
Sprays not accurate and ‘you are here’ now’ shows me a step behind as I’m now on my third pod.
My son in law in an app developer and he has told me getting a website to run with and sometimes you have stuff in the sandbox takes time and patience. I will leave that with you as I don’t have a clue :grin:I’m also a retired mental health nurse so for me I go with the flow. If I can help you in any way please don’t hesitate to ask and I will do what I can.
Best regards


So lovely to read a post that is understanding that we are part of a new process and it’s problems will occur.

I hope you do get your data back and you get some lovely sleep, eventually :joy: