Living with anxiety and how I’ve managed

I am excited to be here. I developed anxiety about 10 years ago due to someone close to me dying tragically. In the beginning anxiety was extremely hard to deal with and everyday was a battle. I did not know when my next episode would occur and was always nervous that I may have an episode that could possibly over take me. Since then I have found solutions to manage anxiety and not allow it to overtake me. Exploring natural solutions is always at the top of my list and I can’t wait to see how Sofi will help.


Welcome @marleyderey
So sorry to hear that you had to deal with a great and traumatic loss. Well done for succeeding to manage your anxiety. I hope that some of the plant sprays produced by sofi will help you further. They have helped many pioneers in here :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi so sorry to hear your experience of anxiety, I haven’t experienced what you have been through but I’m sure you’ll find the whole journey with sofi uplifting. I had chronic sleeplessness for over 20 yrs but sofi turned that around. My sleep isn’t perfect but it’s a million times better than it was. Even the structure of keeping your journal can help with giving a sense of well being. The sofi community is very welcoming and sympathetic you’ll enjoy your journey I’m sure. Here’s hoping you find your inner calm with ashwaganda. :blush:


It’s a pleasure to have you here on this journey with us @marleyderey and the first three plants that we are activating are know for their ability to target pathways that are shared in sleeplessness and anxiety … let’s make sure we get you into the Pioneer Program so we can find out which ones work best with you :pray:


I have had anxiety most of my life, not understanding what it was I was tested for asthma, heart issues etc. it has only recently got much much worse. Panic attacks are now a regular part of my routine and the panic about when and where I will have my next panic attack is creating even more fear. I have tried plant medicines in the past and I hope that the sofi approach can help me. Panic attacks and anxiety is an unusual ailment as I look perfectly fine and even calm at times from the outside but there is a constant storm on the inside. Thanks for letting me share and I am very happy to be part of this community.


Hi Stephen, i do hope that sofi can help you with this. I know how horrible those attacks can be, having experienced them myself after a shock, grief, and a distressing and stressful time when i barely slept for 2 months, having terrible nightmares when i did. Fortunately for me that was nearly 50 years ago.
I expect that you may also be taking some herbal supplements to help you, as perhaps the sofi formulations may not be enough on their own, or for times between the sprays. We have a herbal specialist on here who may be able to advise more on anxiety issues. She is very knowledgeable so I’ll tag her here @pamelaspence.


Thank you so much :pray: greatly appreciate that. Sometimes it’s good to hear that you are not alone and others have went through the same and recovered :+1:


We are incredibly grateful to have you here with us @stephen.kett snd for someone who clearly has an on going relationship with anxiety you are pretty brave for sharing. We hope that this community here, and our sofi ecosystem can become a new companion on the journey to help mitigate this travel companion as much as possible …whether through knowing that you have your sofi pod at hand, journalling, community here at treehouse or the natural phyto chemistry of the plants … there are multiple systems of care within sofi :pray:


Step in the right direction. Well done.


Thank you for the kind words. I am feeling good about this journey with sofi :pray:


Hi Stephen. If panic attacks are still an on going issue, I trust that you have spoken to a gp also? I’m looking forward to Sofi supplementing my every day, niggling anxiety but if I were panicking daily, it is good to get some mental health support also. Apologies if this is a route you’ve already embarked on.


Thanks @kiraillona i have gone down this route also in recent days.


@marleyderey if you are willing to share; could you give me any examples of the solutions you have found to your own anxiety? I would really appreciate it thanks


Here’s hoping the plant sprays work magic for you! My daughter suffers with anxiety & it’s awful to witness, can only imagine experiencing it!


Thanks for the tag @drmudlark !
Apologies for the delay in responding. :pray:

@stephen.kett lovely to have you here in the treehouse community with us and thanks for sharing your current struggles. As @Kaveh says, all three of our first plants share pathways of anxiety and sleep and can be used for either situation.

While you are waiting for your Pioneer programme to start, i wonder whether you have ever tried tapping? Sometimes known as EFT, it is a technique that has now been adopted by US army veteran centres to help vets with PTSD and other acute anxiety syndromes and has now been well researched.

It is a simple technique to learn and you can use it anytime you feel anxious - often managing to avert a panic attack. There is a good website that explains it and takes you throught the process for free:
Just look for their free resources.

Other than that, stripping out all caffeine and managing your sugar levels can be extremely helpful if you haven’t done that already.

And of course, lovely calming herbal teas throughout the day can help reduce background anxiety giving a bit more headroom before tipping into more severe symptoms.

There may be nothing new in this for you, but i hope somethere there might be a bit helpful! :blush::herb:


Thanks for the reply and advice. I have tried a lot in recent months from microdosing psilocybin to microdosing and TBH I think this actually made the issue worse. I am only now going down the more conventional route that helped me somewhat in the past. Something I haven’t tried and it has been popping up a lot recently is tapping. I will definitely give that a go now. Thanks for the link.


You’re very welcome @stephen.kett
Good luck on your journey with this.



Thanks it’s good to know that others have gone through this and came out the other side :pray:

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