What’s the best spray

Hi I’m new around here what’s the difference between all sprays and what’s best spray for me to get to help me sleep with anxiety and stress


Hi @Bigdogmitch - and wonderful to have you here in our treehouse community!

Your question, “what’s the best spray for me to get to help me sleep with anxiety and stress?” is exactly what we are on a mission to answer here at sofi!

We know that everyone is unique, and so what works for one person to ease anxiety and promote sleepy, doesn’t always work for another.

Before sofi, all products were generic. Meaning one product for everyone. And there was no way to really map how that single product affected each of us individually. ​For the first time in history, we can really begin to understand people’s unique response to plants at the individual level. So the most crucial part of this equation is you!

By journaling often, and recording your unique responses to each plant you later receive, you’ll shape real-world insights into the way natural remedies can improve our day-to-day lives, and help us to understand the intimate bond between people and plants.

As you will soon find out, sofi exists physically as a connected spray and formulations, and digitally as an app, a caring community we call the treehouse, and a service. So we have multiple touch points to enhance your mental and emotional well-being and really discover what works for you!

Previously we have activated the following plants on the sofi system:


and we will shortly be launching our fourth herb (more info coming soon!)

I have no doubt that reading through the treehouse, you’ll get some insight on how each of these plants effects different Pioneers in different ways - and we can’t wait to see what discoveries sofi can make uniquely for you :blush:

If you have any questions, anytime, please don’t hesitate to let me know :pray: :white_check_mark: