Magnesium L Threonate

Has anyone used Magnesium L Threonate to relax the :brain: before bed?


I’ve heard of Magnesium as a supplement before in aiding with calm but I’m totally out of my depth here @BrandNewMe … I think time to deploy the @pamelaspence ! xx :pray:


Deployed! :grin:

Hi @BrandNewMe!

So magnesium L-threonate is a synthesised form of magnesium. It’s created in a lab by mixing magnesium with threonic acid (a by-product of the breakdown of vitamin c). From what I understand that doesn’t occur naturally and there are only a few trials around (in animal models so not always useful to humans).

It’s early days yet but it seems that this type of magnesium allows more magnesium ions to enter the brain and so may improve cognitive function.

For me, this is too far from the natural magnesium state, so I would be cautious and stick with the magnesium salts we know about and have occurred naturally or at least been used for a long time… There are plenty of herbs that can improve cognitive function (Ginkgo, Rosemary and Gotu kola for example - not before bed though!) and magnesium glycinate has good evidence of being the best magnesium salt to improve sleep.

Hope that helps? :herb:


So many types of magnesium! :crazy_face: How do you keep track of them all @pamelaspence ?

These are the supplement Recommendations given to me Monday to help with cortisol and melatonin levels. Any other :triangular_flag_on_post:?
2. CLICK HERE for an adaptogen blend that you can throw into a smoothie and helps balance stress // Cortisol
3. CLICK HERE for the Cortisol-Stress support
4. CLICK HERE for the Magnesium L Threonate supplement - this helps with relaxing the brain before bed!

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Oh I have to look them up everytime!

The thing with recommendations like this is - how do you track what is actually working for you? It’s a lot of money to spend per month and then you don’t know what has done the job. I always suggest patients try one thing at a time and the simpler the formula the better! :herb:


I completely agree with picking one thing at a time. How much time do you usually allow to see if the supplement’s doing its job?

After the initial results, I added ashwaganda only. Nearly finished with the second bottle. Haven’t noticed any changes but then stress has also increased because of the chaos of the ownership change at work.