Does anyone use any supplements?

Now I’m getting older I seem to need more help :rofl:
But I started taking supplements about 6 months ago and some seem to help.
At the moment I use dandelion root
Turmeric and iron tablets. And they seem t keep me going with the lack of sleep. So far haven’t found anything to help me sleep so I’m hoping sofi will help :grinning:


Hello @sonja.ekkers.77
I am not using any supplements but still try to respond to you.
Some in this forum have already mentioned it: there is Bio-Individuality, meaning we are all different. As such, no need to try finding the ‘supplement’ that works for others.
Find your own recipe etc.
For many, “conditioning” does seem to work. In the case of sleep: finding a routine that helps the body to get ready for sleep. Whatever that pattern might be for you, it is important that it involves a lot of dimensions, such as a) letting go of the days’ worries (eg via journaling, which helps you remember those outstanding issues); b) slowing down / unwind the day (music, baths, meditation, low-intensity sports, candle lights etc); c) adjusting eating and drinking patterns. There is so much more one can do. And soon we will be able to add d): the Sofi experience!

Importantly: find something that works for you and that you can repeat every day for a trial period of 3 weeks. If you don’t manage to stick with the routine - don’t despair. Just try again and again. And if the results don’t show, don’t despair either; keep on trying and don’t add pressure.

Have a good nights sleep!


Totally agree everyone is different. But knowing what people use , might help others? If someone says I use something for what ever reason I’m willing to try if it helps for me if I think I needed it. I’m new to the supplements so still learning new things


@pamelaspence have you ever recommended some supplements that could help on the sleeplessness front that may be of interest to Sonja - ones that could be recommended without crossing that medical advice barrier but available maybe over the counter and can sometimes help some people? (Thought I should point your question Sonja to our medical herbalist as well see what she also says).


Have you tried melatonin? You can get melatonin gummys off of amazon if I am correct. They may be worth a go.


@Kaveh Sure thing :blush:

@sonja.ekkers.77 Sometimes the best place to start is making sure you have enough Magnesium because without it you can’t relax properly and if you don’t have enough it can cause insomnia.

We used to all get plenty in our diets but sadly the soil is so depleted now that we are probably all in deficit. It is in lots of foods though- quick search online will give you a list but essentially you can top up with foods like avocados, almonds, Brazil nuts and cashews, pumpkin seeds are also good. Also - great news - dark chocolate!

It’s always preferable to get it from your diet first because your body will uptake more than from a pill, which in some forms will mainly just pass through…

Making up a mix of nuts and seeds with some dark chocolate chips in to snack on during the day would be a nice way to do this. It doesn’t all have to be about supplements.

But if that feels like too much to take on get a good brand of Magnesium - look for it in Magnesium glycinate form (the best form for enhancing sleep because it also contains the amnio acid glycine) and take the recommended dose on pack as directed (usually 1-2hours before bedtime).

Golden rule is - do one thing at a time so you can track what works and do it consistently for at least 2 weeks to give you a good idea.

Hope that helps to start you off!

@alexwalkerjones tagging you in case this content is helpful :blush:


Definitely going to try this. Any excuse for chocolate :rofl:


I was going to add that magnesium glysinate has helped me sleep “better”but more noticeably, it helped my fibromyalgia pain to help that sleep - also helped to regulate my BMs which was a weird but very welcomed surprise since I have Crohn’s disease and have never been “regular” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Also, @sonja.ekkers.77 I do take a chewable melatonin supplement before sleep with my chelated magnesium glysinate.


Thanks all I’m definitely going to give the magnesium a go and see if it helps for me. It’s weird as I give my horse a magnesium calmer to relax him . But never taught it could benefit me :rofl::rofl:


Maybe the four legged friend knows something!! Happy Friday!


@pamelaspence Magnesium glycinate has helped some people with restless legs syndrome…another possible for waking up through the :crescent_moon:


Yes! It’s really effective- if low magnesium is the cause. And of course it’s so important to sort out any underlying symptoms that are causing poor sleep, rather than just assuming primary insomnia. Thanks for sharing that :blush:


Hi, I see someone has already mentioned it, but I get restless legs and have bad sleep. Magnesium 500mg seems to be helping me with both. :blush:


Restless legs, hubby had it for years, I use a magnesium spray and give him condroitin and glucosamine supplements.

If you have low moods check your vitamin intake, look at Bs and D primarily. Vitamin c helps your body absorb as well. Remember with supplements look at whether they ate water soluble, Vitamin c depletes rapidly in your system, so really can’t overdose if taken in 2 doses, others however don’t deplete and overdosing can have consequences. Research is key. I look at interactions between them, I may take certain supplements one day and not the next, instead have a different set.

Sometimes best thing to do is stop and start from scratch, 2 to 4 weeks on certai supplements, as it can take this amount of time for it to start working. No quick fixes unfortunately.


Interesting! I never knew :slight_smile:

I have e tried i a few supplements from. Bodybuilding zma- melatonin non of witch worked… My new found complex is from Hay nutrition, i didnt hold much hopes but as they offered a 60 days no hassle guarantee and your at the point where you are willing to try anything i ordered 1 tub “1 month” 60 tabs 2 a night at a price I’d only pay at 4am trying to get to sleep £29.99 then at checkout i was offered 2 extra tubs at 59.99 “like i say i make silly purchases in the early hours” they have good reviews and touch wood they seem to help me drift off! Not stay asleep and also give me a hangover like nausea in the morning, this being my second week i will try them for a minium of 4 weeks.

Maybe a game changer maybe just another bottle with a different name i will keep you updated


I ordered some magnesium yesterday, so interested to see whether they hey me or not :crossed_fingers:


Interesting message as i also have the same conditions, could you send me a link or name please so i can look into it?

All the best Alex x