Tired of feeling fatigued? Magnesium could transform your sleep and give you more energy than ever


I just came across this


definitely heard of Magnesium’s having potential to impact here … love to hear what @pamelaspence thinks on this!


We’ve chatted about this in a few other threads @sonja.ekkers.77 so it’s worth searching for posts mentioning magnesium.

It is a mineral most of are deficient in these days and it absolutely has a role to play in sleep, relaxation and also stress management as well as many other body processes - including actually relaxing contracted muscles. So for anyone with sleep issues it’s a good, safe supplement to start with.

Magnesoum glycinate is the one that is most linked with helping sleep. Some cheaper versions are not very easily absorbed. The version they are talking about in this article isn’t one I’ve heard of before. I’d be slightly cautious if this is an expensive product because rather than being a straight article, this is actually an infomercial- an ad dressed up as an article.

Magnesium is abundant and shouldn’t cost much to try.

Hope that helps!
Pamela :herb:


Yes. I had heard good things about magnesium for promoting better sleep


I’ve just started taking magnesium because I was told it would help with my night time leg cramps/spasms


I tried magnesium taurate and bisglycinate and mixtures of the chloride bisglicinate and malate and I’ve never had any improvements even with restless leg syndrome … so its just not for me!


Adding @pamelaspence here in case she has any other suggestions :pray:

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Thanks for the add! Unfortunately restless legs are notoriously difficult to recsolve - unless it’s due to a magnesium deficiency, in which case it seems to work light a light switch. But if not, it could be all kinds of things… Unfortunately I don’t have any other suggestions but I will keep thinking! :herb: