Missed delivery from unknown sender. Was it my pioneer pack?

Hi, I’m sorry I haven’t been joining in the chat here. I’ve had a really stressful time recently and felt shy to join in but I hope to participate more in the future as this seems like a really nice and supportive community :blush:

Just wondering. I had a parcel delivery notification on 11 May saying I’d had a delivery. It actually never arrived and the proof of delivery was a street round the corner. Was that my pioneer pack? The parcel company said to contact sender but I don’t know who it was so wondering if it’s my pioneer pack?

I’m really looking forward to starting and hope i can soon


It’s always amazing to hear again from you @Purplepink snd welcome back (in words) to your ur little community … adding @alexwalkerjones in the chain to see if the delivery was indeed a sofi surprise or starter kit … in the meantime wishing you a restful and restorative night @Purplepink :pray:


Hi @Purplepink,

Thank you for messaging about this. We shipped your Pioneer Pack around the 18th of last month, so that definitely could be it, however it’s peculiar that it may have ended up at an alternate address. I’m going to check in with @bee, to see what tracking information was provided on our end to see what others details we can find.

Many thanks for your patience and be in touch very soon!
Alex x


Hi , Thanks for the welcome back. It feels like such a nice friendly community here :blush:

I don’t think my missed delivery on 11 May was my pioneer pack if it was sent on 18th but I’m now thinking maybe it was another missed delivery I had last week. I got a UPS card saying I’ve missed a delivery. Was it sent by UPS? They didn’t try redelivery and sent it to a pickup point that I can’t get to. I’ve tried to contact them but not heard back. So sorry about inconvenience to you if if was my pack


I dont know if this is any help but my pack (and others) was sent by Huboo and not UPS.


We are using two different services (actually more I think) to get the starter packs to our incredible Pioneers here … Huboo as a partner for the U.K. and we are still sending internationals using a host of different methods I suspect including UPS for the States … adding at @bee to see if we can solve the mystery here @Purplepink … you still haven’t received a pack? :pray:


I feel really bad about all this! I think it might have been the Evri missed delivery. I got an email from them on 11 May saying I’d had a delivery but I never got it. The proof of delivery was a map of a street a few minutes away from me. I don’t know where it’s gone I’m so sorry.

I contacted their customer service and they said they were trying to locate it but if I hadn’t heard anything to let the sender know

I didn’t know who the sender was but now think it was you? It said Huboo technologies. Shall I email you the reference number?

I’m really sorry about this

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Hi Kaveh,

I think it might be the Evri delivery that I never received. I got an email from them on 11 May saying I’d had a delivery but didn’t. The tracking proof of delivery was a map of a street a few streets away from me.

Their customer service said they were trying to locate it but to let sender know if I hadn’t heard from them.

Sender was Huboo technologies.

The reference number for the delivery is:

Hopefully it won’t be too much hassle for you to get it sorted?

So sorry about this and I’m looking forward to starting my pack when it arrives!

Thanks so much for including me in the programme :blush:

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Hi purplepink, That sounds like Evri, formerly Hermes i think. I dread getting deliveries from them.

They very rarely let me know they are planning to deliver on the day; they leave my stuff on a public pavement and some packages have been stolen, and sometimes they have lied saying they left it in my porch … i dont have a porch!!

Not so easy to lie now i suppose since they have to take a photo, but post ‘delivery’ when nothing has arrived i have sometimes been sent a photo of someone else’s door!!

Very frustrating for you. I do hope that it can be sorted and that you get your sofi pack soon :pray:


Hi Just wanted to let you know it’s now arrived!

Thanks so much for sending. It came from Evri Huboo technologies and was delivered fine this time

I’ve had a lot of stress recently so I’m really looking forward to starting my pack!

Going to charge it now

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So happy to hear @Purplepink! I hope you had a chance to get up and running successfully over the weekend and can’t wait to hear what you think so far!

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Thanks. I’m really looking forward to starting it :blush:

I haven’t been able to pair it yet. Don’t know if I charged it properly? The light stayed red even though I charged it all day.

I unplugged it as I don’t like charging anything overnight and got worried I’d overcharged. Decided to try to pair. Got a green light and my phone’s Bluetooth found Sofi but I couldn’t pair it

Don’t if I did something wrong. I’m going to try again tomorrow. Don’t know if I should try to charge it more first? Will it overcharge?

Sorry to have another problem! Hopefully I can sort it out :pray:

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Update. I managed to pair it!

Just done my first sprays and looking forward to seeing how it works.

Thanks so much for including me in the programme

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So exciting @Purplepink! It looks like you may have been trying to pair via bluetooth settings of your phone, and you’ll need to pair directly in the sofi app instead -but it sounds like you got it! Can’t wait to hear how you get on :blush: :crescent_moon:

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