My app isn’t recognising i have added a capsule

Hello! Very excited to start using my smart pod however i cannot start journaling as it hasn’t recognised the capsule, i have tried all of them and still no luck. Is there anything i could try? Thankyou so much xx

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Hi @taylorleanned,

So glad you pioneer pack made it to you! Let’s see what we can do to get this solved :blush:

Could you please confirm that your pod is charged and successfully connecting to your sofi app? Once it’s paired, a message should read “please insert capsule.”

As far as recognising the capsules, the biggest thing is to ensure that you are inserting the pods straight as they go in.

This is because without the top (lid) of the capsule reaching the “brain” of the sofi pod, your formulation will be unable to be recognised. By aligning the nozzle of the glass bottle directly with the opening of your sofi pod, you should see that it goes all the way in.

Making sure that you are able to screw the base of the sofi pod back on after inserting your capsule, is another way to tell.

Please let me know if you have any joy trying the above, and if not, we can always jump on a quick zoom to get you set-up :sofi_moon: :pray:

Hi @taylorleanned
Is it working for you now? Please let us know if we can help!

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