App not connecting to the capsule

What to do next… I am done with the 1st capsule but the app is not responding. Not connecting. It can’t read/find the capsule so I took it out and put back in twice. Now it says please insert the capsule. The capsule is in place. Do I start the 2nd capsule or do I wait a couple of days? How do i make the app and capsule connect? Thank you.

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Hi @rosefernandez5,

Have you recently charged your sofi pod? A low or dead battery is most likely to be what is preventing the recognition of your capsule.

Following a 60 minute charge, please log out of sofi, log back in and see if that brings you any luck! Look forward to hearing back and hopefully we’ll get you up and running again soon :pray:

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Hi @rosefernandez5
Could you please also update your app in Google Play? I can see you are on a very old version of it now :nerd_face: