My pebble has arrived as well

What happens next? Do I get this stick to pair my phone? Too little confused anyone share sone light


Hi @tommy.prior! So happy to see that your sofi surprise made it to you - this is our way of verifying your address and confirming that your Pioneer Pack (containing your sofi stick and plant pods for better calm and sleep).

Now that you’ve uploaded the image, your S3 Pioneer Pack is officially reserved! :tada: :partying_face:

You’ll receive a confirmation email in the next 24hours and check out this updates thread for all information on the S3: S3 Pioneer Program | updates!

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Hi there,

Never received a conformation email

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Hi @tommy.prior - thanks so much for messaging. It’s showing within our system as sent Nov 30th, but I will happily resend that to you now! :sofi_moon: :pray: