New sofi pack arrived

Hi. Received my sofi pack yesterday. Excited to try it but I’ve got a few teething problems. What charger does it use, My iPhone charger doesn’t fit. Also all the canisters were muddled up loose in the boxDoes it matter which one I take first? I’ve got caramel, nude and cardamom.
Please help, I’d love to get it set up today to start tonight. Maria


You need a usb to C charger ( they are very common).
You should have a small card in your box telling you which number spray to start with.
1 is yellow, 2 is orange, 3 is red.


Hello and welcome

Majority of us have started Ashwagaranda (Sp??)

There should be a little card which says
"Your journey start with number … "

My delivery was the same. I started with the red. Im half way through my second capsule now. Yellow.
Youll need a universal pin charger. I had to buy one, a few quid from a discount store.

Good luck