New to sofi and cant wait to get tracking

Really excited to get started , journal is brilliant helps me keep note of my sleep pattern behavior, cant wait for my pod to arrive , how long will this be i wonder💭


Usually sent after 10 days blogging I’m sure


It’s the pebble that is sent after your 10 days journalling, when you have confirmed your address after being prompted to do so. The pebble is to confirm that the pods and sprays will arrive safely, and once you have uploaded a photo of it you will be registered to receive a pod and sprays.

If you are in the small group receiving the fragrance sprays, these seem to have been sent quickly.

However, if you are waiting for the herbal mouth sprays, they will be sent out when the next batch has been completed for the trials.
There will be an update in the treehouse when these are ready to be packed and sent out.