When will I receive my smart pod?

I have been journaling on the app for a few weeks now and have received the pebble but. I smart pod. Does anyone know when it will arrive? The app keeps asking for it to be paired


After the baseline, which are 10 days of journaling, the app (I think) should prompt you to give the home address for the smart pod to be shipped: if you already have done this, and still are having issues, I suggest contacting support form the app (the little moon icon)
Hope this really helps :star_struck:

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The app is set up for people whether they have their pod to pair or not.
If you search in the Treehouse for when will my pod arrive ( or similar), you will find many answers to this question that has been asked during the past month.
I have run out of steam to give a long answer again but the bottom line is that it will be when the next batch of sprays are made and ready to go out.
This is still a trial so products are not in stock ready to go and the Pods and App are still undergoing development and improvements. I have read in here that September is the likely month that the next batch of herbal mouth sprays will go out. This is not as long a wait as in the early days but you still need to be a bit patient. If you want to take part in the trials it is important to keep journalling. :slightly_smiling_face:

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