New to the sofi journey

I’m new to the sofi journey, and I’m very excited to be here. I’m 20 and suffer from anxiety. I’m very optimistic about the process. Waiting on my first pebble!!
Cannot wait. Hope you are all well! :heart_hands:


Welcome to the treehouse @Jadey! It’s great to have you with us on this journey :blush: :love_letter:

So far we have seen some incredible individual results with plants since we began this program, and we look forward to making many more!


It’s amazing to have you here with us @Jadey and welcome to an incredible community of folks who are not only interested in making new discoveries about the impact of plants on how they feel but equally entirely compassionate about the journey of others and always cheering, encouraging us and being super patient in helping share our sofi together … can’t wait to see what discoveries we will make together. :pray: