Next Pioneer Roll Out

Does anyone know how long i will have to wait for my pioneer pack now i have the pebble?


Did you manage to post a picture of your pebble in your palm on the app or on here @ames1905 ? Adding @alexwalkerjones to see where we are with the remaining sofi starter kits and whether all the ones have been designated in the current wave … if so you will be guaranteed one from the next wave @ames1905 :pray:


Hey, yes i did it on the app, shall i do it here as well to make sure?


Hi @ames1905 - I can confirm that your Pioneer Pack is reserved under your name! I’m afraid we have reached total capacity with our Ashwagandha Program and all current Packs have been assigned to go out, so you will be participating in the launch of our next plant!

As only a small startup, our production time varies, however we are quickly improving our ability to speed production up (think weeks away not months!), and already the wait time between launching new plants/program has significantly reduced from where we started (with some Pioneers previously waiting up to 8 months! Incredible!)

In addition to new plants, we plan to send out refills of previous waves, so you’ll likely get a chance to try previous waves over time too!

More information on this coming soon!


@alexwalkerjones thank you for your reply.
Can i ask the purpose of the journal if we are in a system that we just try the next plant that you release.
Looking at your website and my journal i see you have valarian for sleep etc and i am a bad sleeper so wouldnt that be good for me to try?
Sorry not being critical just trying to understand how it all works.
Are all your plants sleep related?
Do i need to carry on my journal while i wait?


These are great questions @ames1905 that we love to give the answer to!

Our pioneer programs currently operate in waves of different plants, for example last year we trialled valerian (s1) and passiflora (s2), and this year we’re beginning with ashwagandha (s3) and next, likely hops or chamomile… (all of which are traditionally used to support better sleep and calm)!

Should you miss out on a particular wave at anytime, there’ll be plenty of room in the next - and we send out refills of previous plants, so you’ll even get a chance to try previous waves (including valerian).

Of course, each of the plants have slightly different pathways they target and we know sleeplessness has something like nine different pathways, so it is very possible that you have a solid none-response to one plant and a very different one to another.

That’s exactly what we are trying to solve with sofi.
As we continue to grow, we have seen again and again that how we respond to each of the plants in completely unique - what works for one person may not work for another and vice versa! This is also the importance of journaling, because it allows sofi to understand your experience before, during and after taking the plant - completely personal to you.

We highly recommend continuing to journal, as your participation in the lead up to the next plant is what helps to determines your spot in the queue, as without understanding your “before” the plant - sofi won’t be able to accurately determine the “during” and “after” effects :slight_smile:


@alexwalkerjones thank you for your reply, i shall look forward to trying out them all to see what works best.
All your answers make complete sense and i shall continue my journal journey and look forward to my pioneer pack x