Night shifts- how do others cope with these?

I’m a nurse and I work predominantly 12 1/2 hr nights shifts, roughly 10 nights 7pm to 7.30am over a 4 week period. These can be every other day over a week, a single night, day(s) off then 2 nights together or 3 nights together. There are also 3 day shifts (7am to 7.30pm) as well during the 4 weeks. I could have a night shift, sleep day, then 1 or 2 long days. I struggle to manage my sleep after night shifts, especially when I have a short time off before a long day, or when i have 2 long days together To add to everything i also have 3 children under 11, the youngest 2 being 6 and 7 who are terrible at sticking to bedtime routine, especially when i’m on day shifts. To top everything off, I am also peri-menopausal!


Ergh night shifts - I did them for two years, never again… I feel your pain ! I didn’t cope, mentally and physically draining on my body, I found another job to not have to do them :joy:

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