Nightmares every night for a week

Anyone else have had nightmares while trying to sleep, i keep having freams where im standing or walking near a bush or hedge row only for something to come jumpscare me by leaping out at me or run at me from the bushes. It makes me jump and wake up. Is my body trying to kill me?

Other dream, people turn to me with faces that are really something nasty to look at. Big warped smiles big eyes and sharp teeth. Waking up in the dark after such a thing looking around the room expecting something to attack me makes it hard to get back to sleep.


I’m certainly prone to regular and repetitive nightmares (I like to think it’s a side effect of having a strong creative imagination and watching so many horror movies growing up :sweat_smile:), but I find all dreams to be such a curious thing!

We’ve recently published a blog post on a few theories of why we dream for anyone interested: 3 scientific perspectives on why we dream

My scariest nightmares are usually running from someone/something, and the better ones usually involve being horrifically late to something important. I do notice that what I consume before bedtime (i.e. movies, social media, books) has a major ability to influence whether I have good dreams or bad, and I’m sure my nightmares are linked closely to underlying anxiousness.

Is there anything you find that helps during those times you wakeup and have to try and soothe yourself back to sleep?

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