Sleep & Dreams food and exercising how it effected my sleep

So my last post here was that i was having nightmares every night and keep waking up after it jumpscared me. When tgis was happening i was off holiday for 2 weeks eating everything and anything i wanted enjoying myself with food and drink.

This past week i am back to work, and back at the gym 3x a week and back to the heathy eating of high protein and more vegetables, lean meats and of course the odd bit of chocolate. What a difference to my mood! The nightmares have stopped and i have been sleeping better. Not perfect sleep but alot better. Only last night i was heavy with sleep. Unsure why but im not complaining. So far I have lost 2lbs and gained some energy back since being on holiday.

If your struggling to sleep i would suggest 15mins jogging on the spot in your home or go for a run outdoors before your evening meal tonight have a shower and sit down for your food. Keep away from your phone and take of any smart watch thats keeping you connected to your phone. Id still advise heavy lifting in the gym and a really good workout 3X a week if you are able to to help over all health and wellbeing but not everyone can but most people are able to do some jogging on the spot for 15mins.


That’s a good subject to touch on! I have heard about dairy before bed giving people nightmares but haven’t experienced this myself.
I know poor microbiome health can impact sleep and vice versa, I have experienced this in my student years of not caring or monitoring what I ate, especially just before bed.
Our gut biome is massively underestimated in respect to our physical and mental health. I would be like to do some more research on this myself I may be able to update with more knowledge!