Dreams and Sleeplessness


So I’ve had this question stuck in my head foreverrr, I’m a light sleeper anyway and what I have noticed over the years is how realistic and vivid my dreams are, sometimes I’d have random dreams of floating doughnuts and flying cats which are just my brain cells doing the salsa but I’ve noticed that when my sleep is undisturbed, my dreams become an alter reality, with my issues on sleep and dreams, does it have a connection? I know all about the random dreams but when I do sleep, I wake up weirdly gutted about my dreams and the pattern they come in.

Anyone else going through the same thing or similar?



I’m a light sleeper also my dreams are very vivid if I nap in the day(which I know isn’t advised) …I get to day 2 of no sleep or little sleep and have to nap…I love some of my vivid dreams …I’m flying or riding horses …the mind is so interesting…I love your dream about flying cats :cat2: lol xx


I have similar experience! The more tired I am the crazier the dreams. I often swim in the air. It’s great! I recommend :joy: in your dreams I mean. Swimming in water in your awake hours seems to help!


Your dreams sounds idillic to me and a lot better than mine. I had a bed full of spiders last night…


:tired_face::sob: my worst nightmare!!!


I suffer with dreams /nightmares almost every night and they are so vived that o have woken up! Have you looked to see have you everyou been tested for sleep apnea? Worth a go like many of us here we are willing to try anything.l