Update as app not logging progress

So having started on the S1 formula i was pleased to report that this really worked for me, like REALLY worked! I slept better than i had in years and was gutted when it ran out but thought ill give the other 2 formulas a try, hoping they would have the same effect on me, sadly not to be. I tried the other 2 formulas but was back to a ragged sleep pattern again. Im just hoping and praying the sofi angels would be so kind as to send me some surplus S1 lol. I was unable to log my sleep patterns on the app for some reason so heres a brief outlay.
As a rule i sleep for 3-4 hours a night and visit the toilet twice nightly no matter how much i drink after 8 pm. On formula S1 i sprayed as directed, felt chilled out then gave the 2nd dose before bed. I went to bed and was in a state of slumber within 20 minutes of bed. I never woke up for the toilet much at all and felt fresh in the morning and alert.
Sadly when it ran out my sleep patterns were back to requiring the toilet and few hours a night of deep sleep. The other 2 formulas just didnt have the same impact on me as ive said. So im back to limited sleep unfortunately :face_exhaling:


@markwhittles so glad to hear the formula worked for you. I hope you can aquire some more as you had such a significant improvement and I’m so sorry you’re back to having problems sleeping again. Sending you bright blessings. :pray: The next sofi stick will use passion flower so hopefully this will help you.


Hi @markwhittles - it’s really interesting you say so! I was just reading a similar conversation in another thread (linking it for you here) where Pamela, our in-house medical herbalist provided a really helpful explanation of why this could be.

Each formulation is actually the exact same dosage of valerian, with the only difference being a flavour change - but as you’ll find she mentions - there are a range of things that could be impacting your sleep, causing a different reaction between each of the plant pods. Sometimes, something as minor as a flavour association even does it. (e.g. mint before bed like brushing your teeth).


Hi yeah that is interesting, the S1 pod just made me feel so relaxed and in the sleep zone more than the others for some reason. Maybe the flavours trigger some part of the brain in a certain way? All i know is me and my cats love the S1 formula lol :+1::rofl::joy:


This is really awesome feedback and we are drawing up plans to do a resupply ahead of the S2 Program going live to our awesome Pioneers! Have you been able to get your sofi stick back up? Adding @alex to see if we can give some support so we can get your stick back up for when we get some formulations to you. :pray:


Im really up for a second phase of trials on this. Im intrigued into the thought process of how flavours alone suit certain people and their bodies/minds react to this.


Super excited to have you here with us @markwhittles … hoping to share more on timelines of production on the S2 program and some the improvements we are working into it from the S1! Hope you’re having an excellent weekend :pray:


Hi yeah im really excited about participating in the next phase, you have no idea the impact a great night sleep has on us guys, your like gods to us all. :blush::raised_hands:


Not tried the stick if im honest as i ran out of formula, it lit up but it was the logging of sleep pattern and mood i couldnt seem to register unfortunately. However it doesnt bother me logging my findings for you via this format, its the least i can do.