Oops! Backdating referrals

Oops, I referred a friend via the same sign up link I used, I didn’t know there was a referral scheme or rewards for referrals. As soon as I saw the ad inviting me to sign up I knew it would be perfect for my friend, but now we’ve missed out on deferral seeds. Is it possible to have this manually backdated?



Hi @Bethany - thanks for posting and it’s really great to have both you and your friend onboard!!

I’m afraid we are not able to backdate referrals as this is something that is linked permanently between referral accounts and can only be done so via direct use of the link. We know this can be somewhat frustrating, especially as many Pioneers made referrals before we even implemented the sofi seeds!

Of course, there is no limit to the number of referrals you can make, so we fingers crossed there are some more friends or family members that could benefit from joining the Program - and you can both reap the sofi seed rewards!