Passionfruit juice to help with sleep

As we are going to be testing out passiflora soon, I got to researching the plant and was speaking to my partner about the benefits of passionfruit juice, which is something widely used in Brazil to help with sleep.

Now passionfruit is not particularly cheap here in the UK but passionfruit juice is widely available. So I bought the above and tried to see if it would have any affect. I’m sad to say my little experiment has not yielded the results I was hoping for. Basically there was no difference in my sleep pattern, the depth of sleep or the length. So the wait is still on for the next Sofi pod :smiley:

Oh well, was worth a shot :wink:


He he, if it’s Rubicon it’s probably full of e-numbers :sweat_smile:. I used to drink J20 passionfruit flavour and it made me hyperactive :grin:


Hah! The opposite of what it’s the supposed to do. Maybe similar to the rubicon drink. Full of enumbers and artificial sugar?


I’m guessing so. It was back in the day when it first came out, like about fifteen twenty years ago. Probably changed formulation since. I’m so old :sweat_smile: