Valerian v passiflora

Its me again, I am having more sleep problems recently, I’m using the valerian, it tastes horrible, but I’m persevering, I had more success with the passiflora, that really sent me off to sleep and I slept well, at the moment its a stressful time, but when I had the passiflora stressed or not I slept better, last night I had an hour or so, very broken, and I feel really exhausted again, I know I have things to stress about, don’t we all, but it seems that to me personally, the passiflora was better and I felt a whole lot better both physically and mentally, at the moment sleep is evading me, and my little island that I’m on is getting smaller again, and the sharks are circling, passiflora helped me so much I was able to get to a bigger island without sharks, this is my way of dealing with the cancer, i use my island metaphor, I use the valerian each night, have 5 or 6 sprays before bed, I find it works better for me, rather than 3 sprays in the evening and 3 before bed. I am looking forward to the ashwagandha trial, which i hope will be soon. Gonna be cheeky now, @alexwalkerjones is there any of the passiflora sprays hanging around in the corner of a warehouse thats looking for a good home? I’m so gratefull to have stumbled across this trial, and I know its helping a lot of people, and I know sharing our experiences is also great, feedback wise. I’ve mentioned the cancer and its return, which obviously is affecting my sleep, and it doesn’t help when the stoma is giving me problems, but it was necessary at the time, and hopefully it can be reversed after any more treatment I need. I will beat it, I’m determined to, but I’m on so much medication that i don’t want to resort to sleeping pills, so this trial is a lifeline. The passiflora I had was so good, apart from one bottle not giving sprays, that I thought I’d do a bit of grovelling and ask if there’s more passiflora going spare that i could try again. If not, I’ll keep trying the valerian, and wait patiently for the ashwagandha trial. Its amazing how some people react to the different plants, who sleeps and who doesn’t on each formula. Is it ok to tell other people to join the trial, I have a friend who sleeps very little, and thought she may be able to benefit from this trial. I know some trials are strictly private, but wondered if this was too. You’re all amazing people and the participants are so engaging and friendly, that too helps with my mood, I think that when you feel you have support from other people who are on the same journey to find sleep. Keeping my fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:


Hi @MissTQ,
We will absolutely check our lab for any passiflora spares whatsoever, and I have contacted our team there to do so ASAP :pray:

Our fingers are crossed Ashwagandha will soon prove to be another great match, and provide some support with everything you’re dealing with at the moment. We are behind you wishing you strength every step of the way, and I’ll be in touch as soon as I hear back from the lab. xx


Thank you so much, its nice to know that there’s people out ther3 that will help you if they can, and sleep also helps with your overall health, mental health too. I’m very grateful.