Pebbles in the post

Is anyone able to tell me why I received a pebble in the post, I’m still waiting on my smart pod…


Its to make sure that the expensive smart pod and sprays will reach you safely

You can read about the pebbles in the Treehouse Index, pinned to the top of this page.

My attempt to post the link for you failed but it is easy to find at the top where there are lots of headings in blue type about things sofi


Hi @Chels - thanks for your post and @drmudlark is correct :blush: :pray:

As your surprise has arrived, please follow the next steps in-app according to your pioneer journey map (compass icon) so your Pioneer Pack can be officially reserved under your name and shipped to you following the next production wave.

You can also read about the unique story behind our surprises just here: Sofi Surprise 🎁 - #32 by Kaveh

PS - I couldn’t find a sofi account attached to the same email address in use for your account here. We recommend making sure that emails across both platforms match, so that way you’ll automatically be rewarded with sofi seeds for any activity and/or likes you receive here. Let me know if you get stuck and I’d be happy to help, or please feel free to reach out to me via private DM