Plant reverted back to passiflora

I received my valerian pods and clicked on the ‘switch plant’ and got a message to say it had been switched. I have been using the pod for 8 or 9 days but notice the ‘switch plant’ was still there so I pressed it again and it has reverted back to 70/70 sprays even though I am just about to start on my second pod of valerian

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Same happened to me, which i posted yesterday.
I think the team are looking into it.
I expect that you might also have found that your spray count has moved from the Valerian over to the Passflora. Im hoping they will let us know if we need to replace the " missing" valerian sprays manually or whether they can correct the errors.

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Hi @Milli47 @drmudlark, it seems to have been a small glitch that temporarily switched us back! Your sprays are thankfully safe and we recognise that they were valerian and not passiflora during this time :pray: :cherry_blossom:

One day we’ll have everything up and running without a hitch :wink: and thanks so much for your troubleshooting in the meantime! We seriously couldn’t do it without your help!