App switched back again to old plant

I have been using Valerian for about 6 or 7 days i think, after changing the plant from Passiflora to Valerian a couple of times at the beginning and then it settled into that and has been working ok.
Tonight it has gone back to Passiflora and has added my journal days for Valerian on to the 3rd Passiflora pod.
I have just manually changed the plant again and the app says it has confirmed the change, but it has not and im still on Passiflora and back to 70/70.
I note that the App version has changed from 2.7.10 (i think it was) to 2.7.11. Could this be why i am stuck on the wrong plant again?
What should i do now?
Or will it correct itself if you guys are tinkering behind the scenes?

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Hi Sue,

I will pass this along ASAP so we can find out what’s going on. It may be that the app settles, or that a few more tweaks are need. Thanks so much for your patience - your are truly a pioneering star!

Sounds very similar to my experience

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Hi Alex, thanks for your reply.
By this morning the plant is back to Valerian but the pod sprays are registering 67/70 when they should be around 36