S3 Pioneer Program | updates

Thank you so much for the update. I’ll be sure to download the new app when it comes out.


Hi @alexwalkerjones
Thank you so much for the update, I will keep an eye out for more news :grin:


So proud of you @alexwalkerjones


So i didnt realise until recently that i had to blog everyday prior to starting the programme. Is this going to affect my chances of being part of the pioneer S3 programme? Thank you.


Hi @sarahmay86,
We have you as actively journaling in the past handful of weeks, so not to worry as you are on the active list. Just keep up the journaling work from now until launch (we are counting down the days and I should have a fuller update for you today!) so that sofi can understand your current mood and sleeping patterns before your trial with the plant :slight_smile:


We know it’s been a little quiet on our end as we prepare imminently for the launch of the S3 - so naturally we are long overdue for a status update! (and thank you for bearing with us during this super busy time) :blush: :pray:

This week (April 3rd - 9th) we have been testing the new version of the sofi app extensively with our internal team to polish our user interface and clean up any bugs.

So what happens next?

Next week (April 10th - 16th), we will begin rolling out the new sofi app in waves for all Pioneers! By releasing the app in a series of waves, we can make sure everyone is in the right place at the right time, and respond to your feedback better, accordingly. So, please don’t worry if the app doesn’t update for you straight away, your wave will be coming soon!

Some changes to look out for in the new sofi app:

  • Ability to earn sofi seeds for your journaling and treehouse activity (and you may notice that you’ve already been awarded some based on your amazing contributions to date!)
  • Opportunity to invite your friends and family to sofi, allowing current Pioneers to benefit from our referral rewards program.
  • New AM + PM journaling (journaling twice per day - or as often as you like - is highly encouraged, and we’ll now change up the questions you’re asked from morning to eve!)
  • Pioneer Journey Map (see below!)
  • Ah! And that reminds us…you may notice the app looks a little different too! :wink:

For those qualified to receive Ashwagandha for the S3, you’ll receive confirmation by email that this is the case once the new app has been released. And those who aren’t able to be included in the first S3 wave this time (but still have plenty of time to qualify for the second wave in spring!), we’ll let you know via email also, so there won’t be any guessing games.

A final mission before shipping can begin:

As soon as you receive the app update, you’ll be prompted to re-confirm your current shipping address and phone number. Having recently switched fulfilment centres, a phone number is now required for all deliveries - not just international ones - so receiving this will be key in order for us to ship your Pioneer Pack!

As soon as your current address and phone number are confirmed within the new sofi app, your shipping label will be printed and your Pioneer Pack will be sent on its way. We cannot wait for you to activate your new sofi pod (the updated name for the old sofi sticks!) and ashwagandha formulations, and we’re so grateful for your ongoing support to get us here.

….last but not least we have one small sneak peek behind the scenes of the new S3 app (and this one’s my personal favourite): it’s our pioneer journey map!

For both current, and especially new/oncoming pioneers, this new pioneer journey map serves as a quick go-to map of your progress so far.

Should you have any questions about what the next steps are, or when a particular step might occur (such as asking for your address, or submitting a photo of your sofi surprise), you can find the answers here.

You can access your journey map anytime by navigating to the small compass icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. P.S. Keep an eye out for the spaces where you can unlock bonus seeds!

We hope you love the new features and overall feel of the app just as much as we do, and we can’t wait to see you there! xx


Looks exciting can’t wait to see how this trial pans out and how ashwangha affects me throughout the day, hoping to become less anxious and sleep better at night


Thanks for the update @alexwalkerjones. And thanks for your and the team’s hard work.

Looking forward to the new app and the Ashwagandha trial. It will be good to be able to look back a bit and see any changes.

Apart from the odd totally or nearly sleepless night i reckon i am generally sleeping better on nothing compared with the Valerian! (but the passiflora was good for me I think). Hoping the next phase will bring on more :zzz:

To feel tired earlier at night would be a bonus as I, and I’m sure almost everyone here, would love not to remain awake for hours. I think i have always been rebellious about bedtime (stupid I know) and some of that may stem from a strict childhood and being made to go to bed early so i used to read under the blankets with a torch! I know most effort is needed by me, to change bad habits of a lifetime Owl! I perk up after midnight!

So, i hope that the next plant will have a soporific effect. I can’t wait! But I’ll have to!
Sounds like it wont be long now though :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :sleeping:


Thanks for the update. Can’t wait for my Pioneer Pack 3 to arrive. Really looking forward to it.


You guys have been so awesome with your patience … the digital team been working through all sorts inc surgeries and losses to get this to you … everything has been upgraded … the sofi pods, the back end, the app; the method of recognising the formulations bottles … and all being released at the same time … and all with a brand new set plant … also we are planning to cycle both valerian and passiflora on the new platform once we run ashwagandha together … so everyone can have a chance to meet (or get reacquainted) with our old friends! :pray:


Hope you had a restful night … it’s been a while!

Following @alexwalkerjones’s awesome update I wanted to share and give you a little bit more of a preview of why we are so excited about the new generation of sofi pod, app, and systems coming to you shortly!

Let’s begin with the app which you will get to touch first! You can see a lot more about sofi and our digital identify … I recorded my journey of activating the new look and feel and wanted to share it with you here (just click the image below).

sofi app | preview

We really love how the sofi app is coming together and of course a couple of new features that I think are going to be super important for our sofi. One is rewarding our incredible Pioneers … and the idea here is this. If you are helping us build and develop our sofi we love to continue supporting you with product. It seems only a fair exchange. So we created sofi seeds. And we have also applied this reward system backwards in time so some of you are going to be pretty rich in your sofi seed banks already!

One act that we are going to reward extremely in our relationship is going to be bringing friends, family and other pioneers into our community. We are super keen to allow sofi to grow organically amongst those who have shared the journey with us first. So there is an opportunity to generate a link and share sofi forward with those few that you think we may make a difference more. And this feature will also be out. When it comes to sofi – sharing is definitely caring! And we will grow our community together.

Then, there is the sofi pod!

I used to call this our sofi stick … but was never convinced that “stick” would ever come to stand for all the positive impact that sofi will carry and deliver … pod, with its natural origin feels a lot better! So I hope you are happy to join me on this naming convention … the sofi pod! And this is both beautiful simple form and function. Two amazing features you will notice are on the back …

one is a usb c charging port (good bye batteries, as promised!) … and the other is a super useful lock mechanism. I am used to carrying my sofi pod in my pocked or the bottom of my bag with everything else … now when I flip the switch to lock mode I know it won’t misfire some “delicious” valerian into my pocket!! And of course with every build, she becomes just a little bit more beautiful in our minds.

Of course within the sofi pod there is some serious magic on the electronics side coming on … there are, in effect, two types of radio frequency … one can sense the bottle inside and the other communicates the presses to your sofi app. She packs an amazing level of technology in that head!

We have also been busy checking each of the pods and assembling them one by one to make sure they are ready for you …

…and they will begin to start shipping out within ten days!

Of course, even the sofi formulation bottles are getting a huge technology uplift …

you will notice the little electronic tags and this we can use to identify not just the type of formulation but down to the specific harvest that is being used in that specific bottle. We are fingerprinting every single harvest and keeping track of the natural variances and differences, like mapping vintages of wine. We can’t wait to start mapping the science that we will begin to establish in better understanding our enduring relationship and common history with plants!

The sofi app is being released in stages next week as it involves also moving all our pioneers from our first ever data environment to the new sofi ocean where we hope to start building significantly more insights and to be able to scale for our friends and family and growing community of Pioneers into the future.

But as always, without fail, what our entire sofi team has marvelled at the most is just how amazing, patient and supporting our community here have been to us, to our short comings and delays, and to each other. You have been an incredible source of inspiration and strength for us during these months of developing sofi and we can’t wait for you to see what we have been working on!

We have built sofi with love. And we are trusting her in your hands, so you can share it forward and we can make a difference, one Pioneer at a time.




Wow! Thats all amazing Kaveh.

Lots to love there but i am particularly pleased about the Pod Lock. That oily Valerian stain is not a good look! :smiling_face:


This looks awesome so many changes I can’t wait,so glad to be a pioneer


This sounds great, I can’t wait until we are all on our sofi journey again, also good to know that passiflora may be back in the mix again, and also very hopeful that the ashwagandha helps to give myself and others a better nights seep. Im always hopeful that sofi helps me, having other health problems on my mind doesnt help when I’m awake staring at the clock, thanks for the opportunity and I’ll eagerly be waiting for the new and improved sofi pod. Youve all been working away to help us pioneers towards better sleep. Thank you


Thanks for this amazing update once again Kaveh!

So pleased to be saying goodbye to the batteries :low_battery::slight_smile:

And I hope everyone is looking forward to the sofi seeds implementation. That’s going to be such a fun and rewarding addition to sofi. It’ll be a joy to see it grow.


What an exciting few days of news….can’t wait to get started and watch everyone progress through the journey together!


Sounds amazing, hope to get ny pod soon as been waiting over a year now. Wahoo, well done


Sofi pod looks amazing and the app with all the different features awesome! You are all doing amazing work👍


I’m excited :smiling_face: to see the new product even more excited to try it.


You’ve been hugely patient so thx for sticking with us through this major metamorphosis of our sofi system. We will also cycle through the other plants after Ashwa so we will build a full picture of your unique response to these incredible power plants :pray: