Welcome to the Treehouse

Hi and welcome to our little community.

Make yourself at home, pull up a chair or make yourself comfy on one of the various deep cushioned sofas dotted around our imaginary treehouse. :slight_smile:

I’m Vincent, one of the team members here at sofi, where passionate creators, researchers, scientists, Doctors, Professors and Medical Herbalists (who you will all meet I’m sure) from all around the world have come together to redefine our relationship with plants.

We hope to create a community of people that, like us, believe that plants should play a much larger role in our well being than they currently are.

I’m sure you’ll agree that we have used plants for thousands of years to help cure and relief symptoms for a wide variety of ailments and conditions. And many plants are the basis for our modern day medicine as we know it. But while the focus from big pharma has moved further away from natural health care, we’ve seen products increase in side effects and dependency.

We all instinctively know there are many natural remedies plants themselves can bring us but big pharma has been less focused on this side of healthcare, so we felt it is up to us to create new products that can help us combat some of the things that are bothering us in a natural healthy way.

We freely share our research, work out loud with you and look forward to your minds joining us on our journey.

So please at all times, feel free to join in with any questions or thoughts you might have, as we’d love to hear from you.

You can also find an index of our most helpful treehouse topics by clicking here.

I hope you have a lovely day,



I believe there is a cure for every illness in our plant’s we just haven’t found them yet.
I look forward to a time when we all use plant’s to cure our sickness.
I’m looking forward to learning more


It really is a great wee community and all going through the same will make it easier I’m sure. Always someone to talk to.


Hi I’m having trouble posting things on treehouse, I’ve written a draft but cannot seem to post . What am I missing? :confused:


There’s a minimum amount of characters for both the subject and the body.


@Eevie so lovely to have you here … adding @alexwalkerjones here who can also help with any issues either accessing or contributing to the treehouse. :pray:


Welcome @Eevie (absolutely love your profile picture by the way! :heart_eyes: :blush:)

I’ve dropped you a DM - let’s see if we can figure out what might be going on


Thank you for the invite I’m glad to be a part of such a wonderful community I don’t remember when joining if I was asked for my address or not how do I find out and update? Or is it too early after me joining for this info to he required thankyou :relaxed: xx


Hi @Hayleycakes! I do currently have a full address for you, but we’ll ask you to verify this again by email once your baseline is complete! Keep up the awesome work journaling and you’ll be there in no time :blush: :potted_plant:


Hi thanks for the opportunity to get a good night’s sleep! Have just began recording sleep patterns (or there lack off). Looking forward to a natural rather than chemical remedy :blush:


Hi andy welcome to the community :slight_smile: great to have you here on this journey with us all :slight_smile:


Welcome to the treehouse @andygeddes1980! So excited to be a part of this with you :slight_smile: :sparkles:


As @Aaron snd @alexwalkerjones have already said absolutely thrilled to have you here with us Andy and really hoping with your help we can begin to push forward from our current understanding of people and plants which is traditional and at the “herd” level … lavender helps some people spleen or chill some of the time to actually underhand what specifically works at the Andy level at the individual level. Of course, along this journey, we are finding ourselves increasingly blessed with a truest amazing community here so really welcome and hope to see you around! :pray:


I have been trying for so long to post a joining msg but im no good with these things and have been failing with every try :roll_eyes: and hoping i hit the right button


Yay i did it :joy:
Im so happy to be a part of this lovely group. I cant wait to learn more and see and feel more sleep happy moments. Go Sofi :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Welcome to the treehouse, i hope you find it as useful and awesome as we all do.


Thank you very much. I hope so too. Cant wait to learn more.


Congrats @Gen and welcome to the Sofi Treehouse - a place where great conversations are encouraged!
Congrats on your first post, may there be many more to follow.

sleep well


You’ve made it @Gen and we’re the better for having you part of this journey with us. You will find an incredible and caring community here who are not only wanting to feel better, sleep better, … but importantly want those here as well to achieve the same. Hope you’re making good progress with baselining and will make sure @alexwalkerjones to keep an eye out for you. Wishing you a wonderful week and see you in the treehouse :pray: