S2 Pioneer Program | updates

The S2 updates thread is here!

As we rapidly approach capacity for the S2 Program, only a handful of Passiflora Packs remain to be reserved! (For those who will be shortly receiving their sofi surprise, please be sure to upload your image to the form here as soon as it arrives so you can claim yours!)

It is well and truly a race to the finish line and we are thrilled to have doubled the number of Pioneers who will be entering our S2 in comparison to the S1 - with no plans to slow down anytime soon.

In fact, our S2 Pioneer Program is not only the first Program where we combine new and existing Pioneers (more than 500 all together), but it’s the first where we’ll be trialling two different builds of the plant pods and stick for better insight on how we can continue to improve sofi for you. :s2_n03: :s2_n02: :s2_n01:

As of today, the plastics and metals for the sofi stick are all finalised, and electronics are arriving to us for firmware loading and assembly in the next few days. Paper, packaging, and bottles are all beginning production now.

We are currently in the process of flavour tweaking our passiflora formulation, having faced some unforeseen delays with the plant extraction process. Initially we had targeted a mid-June delivery of the S2 Pioneer Boxes for the new pioneers and S2 refill bottles for our existing pioneers, but currently we are on track to get these to you in the first half of July. We promise to do everything we can to push the process more quickly along, but plants are plants, and sometimes there’s just no rushing nature. On that note, please stay tuned for further updates and behind the scenes on production of the S2, coming soon. :pray: :sparkles:

What’s new with the Pioneer Program

Excitingly, from the S3 Pioneer Program on, we are drawing up plans to test a new plant every 8 weeks. This will significantly reduce the wait time between pioneer programs. We know our sleeping schedule depends on it! In the meantime, however, it means we are presented with a unique opportunity (as you know by now we are the masters of the silver linings!).

One of the most essential findings of our S1 Pioneer Program was the importance of establishing a routine with journaling in the sofi app, to establish a consistent baseline before we commenced our journey with valerian. Some pioneers managed to baseline for over 60 days ahead of the program starting.


Just as we began the S1 pioneer program with the release and engagement with the sofi app prior to shipping our Pioneer Packs, the first phase of the S2 will begin the same.

We are shortly releasing major updates to the S2 app, and we would encourage you to become familiarised with these elements ahead of the shipping of the S2 Pioneer Boxes and formulations. Ideally, we would like to see a strong and consistent baseline of 30 days for all Pioneers who will be participating in our passiflora trial (S2). Not only will this help to establish a routine, but it gives sofi the data she needs to form confident observations of effect where passiflora is making a difference for you.

To help with this your sofi score will become visible with a single swipe from the main landing page, providing an in-app measure of how consistent you have been in your journaling activity. We would love to see scores in the 70s, 80s and even for a handful of amazing pioneers in the 90s!

The sofi score is a direct indication of your journaling consistency. sofi loves for you to pick a consistent time and place in the day - make journaling once again part of your morning ritual. By journaling everyday at roughly the same time and place, your sofi score will begin to rise, as will the speed and confidence in sofi’s observations on effect…

We cannot express how incredibly grateful we are for the support we have been shown during the S1 Pioneer Program, and can’t wait to get passiflora into your hands. We hope that these new elements make the baselining process that tiny bit more rewarding as we lean full force into daily journaling in the lead up to the S2. :sofijis: :spiritbug:

As always, thank you for joining us on this journey.


P.S. switch your sofi reminder notifications on if you haven’t yet (click on the person symbol on the top right of the app, scroll down to notification under “my sofi” section, and make sure all three boxes are checked)! And keep an eye out for more app information coming soon.

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Awhhhh happy days tank u soooo much @alexwalkerjones for d update i loved :heart_eyes: :heart: reading every minute of it x


It’s so exciting to start sharing some of these milestones with our awesome pioneer community and thx so much for starting this thread @alexwalkerjones as we start to get ready for the next Pioneer Program. Passiflora is a plant we have been super keen to test as it has a huge legacy in helping with sleep - so can’t wait to see how our pioneers respond to this beauty … here we go again! xx :pray:


Wow, love this!! :star_struck: :blossom:


Absolutely @magsxx1990! We will be sure to keep them coming and can’t wait to share! :blush: :sparkles:


Hopefully it reaches me before vacation.


Why have i not recieved my psck yet? :frowning: I’ve had my pebble for 3 months now and was told that my pack is reserved and still didn’t get the actual sticks, i am worried i wont get one :pensive:


I’m sorry you’ve had to be so patient with us Anna …. Just adding @alexwalkerjones here so we can make sure your name is one of the ones receiving an S2 Pioneer Pack … we will also have a look and see if somehow your S1 box went missing in case you were registered ahead of them going out. In the meantime wishing you as much of a restful night as possible :pray:


Hi @annajozwik1991, thanks for your message and thank you @Kaveh for the tag! I can confirm that your S2 Pioneer Box is reserved, and will be shipped out to you following production (you can find the most recent update on this at the top of this thread, and we’ll also be adding updates here on a weekly basis moving forward).

We are doing everything we can to get passiflora into your hands asap and are so grateful for your persistence. :sparkles: :blossom:

Thanks again!


Thank you for getting back to me and the reassurance! I just started woreying that it will not areive and somehow I’ve missed a step i was meant to comolete etc! I will get back to waoting patiently and hopefully it will be here soon :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Can’t wait, sick of not being able to get to sleep :pensive:


Can’t wait to see how you get on with passiflora @rstephenson67 … we have plenty of time to establish a strong baseline to compare the results against! :pray:


Thank you for the update … so excited about all this … i can only say THANK YOU … S1 has totally helped me x


Fingers x’ed Natascha to see what we find with passiflora. There is a lot to love about this plant. We are working on a short story from our beloved ethnobotanist @MJB reflecting on his travels in Costa Rica at the beautiful Finca Luna Nueva lodge, where he and a group of colleagues found themselves working and sleeping in the forest for a week on a retreat on medicinal plants and every breakfast they found themselves indulging in fresh organically grown passion fruits and sleeping extremely well with some increasingly vivid dreams. Passion fruits and the plants that they are harvested from contain bioactive compounds that affect the brain and body in a very good way, promoting sleep and even dreams. In fact, this plant is prescribed as a sleep aid and sedative, based on those very properties. so fingers x’ed @natascha_mani … let’s see what we discover here.



ps don’t forget if you haven’t started already to begin baselining yourself. We are now about 30 days away so generating a strong baseline will be hugely helpful for sofi in making more confident observations.


I do hope it wont be any longer than 30 more days. I signed up more than 3 months ago I think and I have been doing the journal for at least 80 days. When I joined up I was too late for the Valerian programme but I look forward to the Passiflora. At the time of joining I had just bought some sleep aid supplements (a month supply) but thought that i shouldnt take them as they would distort the baseline of my sleep pattern if they worked. In hindsight i could have taken them and still had a couple of months of baseline data but i understand that the S2 delays were not predicted at that time.
I’m getting a bit desperate now not to feel so exhausted from nightly broken sleep but i guess i can hang on for another month.
Alex, please can you check that i am definitely registered for the S2 programme? Thank you


Hi you are welcome and won’t be sorry you joined . It’s been a great help to me after 20 plus years of sleep problems, finally getting to know what it’s like to sleep more than 2-4 hrs a night. Amazing!


Hi @drmudlark - absolutely! I can confirm your box is reserved, and you are all good to go!

So extremely grateful to have you on this journey with us and we are humbled by your patience. Thankfully, we are accelerating the S3 to begin sooner than planned, so there will be less of a pause between passiflora and the next plant (to be revealed soon - for all those who will be new to the S3!) :sofi_moon:


Major updates to your sofi app!:sparkles::crescent_moon:

Ahead of our S2 Pioneer Program, we’re introducing several new journalling elements to improve your experience of the app and allow sofi to make more meaningful discoveries with the plants. The next step is up to you.

  1. additional journalling question :calling:

Last month, we sent out a Pioneer-wide survey to gauge how we could better understand your sleep experience.

According to the results of the survey, Option B: “how many times do you wake-up throughout the night?” was voted the most useful in capturing sleep quality, in addition to the original journalling measures of sleep. In line with advice from our sofi experts, we have included a variation of this question for the S2.

In the latest version of your sofi app, you’ll also notice a light dawn making an appearance along the bottom of your screen. If your app is missing this gradient, please reinstall your app, or update it manually via the App/Google Play Store.

  1. new right swipe :s2_n01::s2_n02: :s2_n03:

Soon, we’ll now have a fully developed progress page, accessible via a simple right swipe in your sofi app.

This progress page not only displays the number of journals you have completed for your baseline and each of your plant-based formulations, but it also tracks which phase of the program you are in so far.

With the introduction of a progress page - and information specific to your journey on what to expect next - we hope to make journalling that little bit less abstract for you. Check back here anytime for a refresher on next steps.

  1. in-app sofi score (new left swipe) :100:

With these updates, we are also bringing your sofi score from the sofi dashboard, directly to your sofi app.

The sofi score is an indicator of how consistent your journal entries are, so it’s essential to establish a routine that works for you.

Scores in the 70s, 80s, and 90s are what sofi looks for in order to output statistically significant results on your sleep duration, sleep quality, and mood. As you strengthen your sofi score and continue on your journey with the plants, keep an eye out for sofi’s progress in determining your unique results.

  1. sofi progress plant :blossom:

Along with your sofi score, we’ve integrated a way to directly monitor sofi’s progress in determining your results. As her confidence builds over the course of the Program, your progress plant will grow and illuminate within the app.

Once sofi’s confidence exceeds 90%, she’ll output a sentence or two on the effects of the plant, just below your progress plant. Passiflora not for you? Then it’s simply onto the next!

  1. history page (new left swipe) :sofi_moon_white:

By scrolling to the bottom of the left swipe of your sofi app, you’ll find your new history page. This page allows you both to track your recent sprays, and review the quality and duration of you sleep since your journey with sofi first began.

Remember: the more journalling and spraying data you provide, and the more often you open and interact with the sofi app, the better your chances of receiving an accurate result!

These updates are launching imminently, and as always, thank you for pioneering with sofi.



This is an amazing update and a huge thx to the beautiful designs of our @josif, the great code of @mathiassilva4 and @rafaelgoncalves the maths of @enricovarano for the sofi brain and of course a huge amount of coordination by our beloved Gorky @Kirill - really exciting to see some of these core features beginning to come in the main app … going to start journalling and checking my score now! Awesome work sofi! :clap:


Thank you for your reply Alex, and for the new information. Looking forward to trying the Passiflora x