S1 Pioneer Program | Updates

We are going to start sharing regular updates on where we are with the S1 Program and with delivering the S1 Valerian boxes to the Pioneer Community (that have completed their baseline/sofi surprise photo). We will post regular updates from the production line in manufacturing, assembling and preparing of the very first production units of sofi here. This is a huge moment for us all at sofi as many of us have been working for over a year and our team are going to be holding these units at the same time as our Pioneers. We are truly developing this together and we are so thrilled to have you with us on this journey. Keep in mind what you are testing is not a product that’s available anywhere on any shelf for purchase. It is a genuine Alpha!

Here’s the timeline as we see it today. We have supply channels coming from as far a field as South Korea so this may change if we hit any serious glitches and we will keep you updated. We plan to give weekly updates on:

Packaging assembly ==> This week
Bottling production ==> Week of the 17th of Jan
Sofi stick metal and plastic production ==> Week of 24th of Jan
Final assembly and preparation for shipment ==> Week of 31st of Jan/First week of Feb

Our plan is also to help as many Pioneers as we can to complete their baseline, receive their sofi surprise and send their photos back over the next 18 days . We are planning to ship up to 300 S1 Valerian boxes in the first wave of shipment. The 301st Pioneer onwards who complete their baseline we will validate with the sofi surprise and will be registered automatically to participate in our next Pioneer Program. So no Pioneer that completes the baseline will be left without a Pioneer Package. The only question is whether they start with us in the S1 Program or the next.

Our aim is to have delivered the S1 Valerian Boxes to the majority of Pioneers by Valentine’s Day. Now we decided to accept international Pioneers from US, Canada, to multiple European destinations, Russia and Singapore. This naturally means that some Pioneers may receive their kits shortly after depending on international shipping and any customs issues! But we are going to get them to you!

Stay tuned. sofi is about to become very real. xx


Wow!! Amazing work guys!!!


Im really pleased i found you guys and the whole pioneer group, in a time where so much is going on in the world telling people you are struggling with sleep almost sounds selfish! What i now no is that im far from the only one feeling this way.
Heres to SOFI and the great community with in it.


Trust me for us one of the biggest proof points of why we should push our sofi forward has been this community. It’s our fuel and motivation. Thx for being here with us! :pray:


That is great news thank you for the detailed update. Look forward to receiving the kit and starting the journey :grin:


Ready to get pioneering!


Ohh uts great to be on this journey and to see there are so many that suffer the same as me I thought it was just me up all night walking the floors sometimes that mad that I can’t sleep I’d go for a walk which my partner would be giving out cause of the hours I’d be going out and I’d just want to be on my own to see could I get my head to stop and just let me have 1 nights sleep I’m so exhausted :weary: from not sleeping properly and I don’t be in the mood some days for even cleaning an cooking cause I do be that tired I’m so grateful that I came across sofi and I can’t wait to do this amazing :blush: journey with you all and I’m so looking forward to this journey


We are so incredible delighted @sabrinahun to have you on this journey with us! Keep journaling and let’s make sure we can get you one of these boxes! Good morning! X


Sounds fantastic, unfortunately still not received my sofi surprise so can go no further, I’ve just completed day 30.


Behind the scenes 01 | Packaging assembly

From digital concept to final product, our packaging for the S1 Valerian Boxes is finally complete - and we’re thrilled to give some further visibility.

Currently, 300 Pioneer Boxes are in the process of being assembled by our awesome team.
01 | image of S1 Pioneer Boxes

For our S1 Pioneer Box, we chose cardboard for the material so our packaging could be 100% plastic-free and recyclable. As one of our four principles - purity of plants, primacy of pioneers, power of community, and preservation of planet - it was critical for us to be aware of our own footprint.

02 | image of S1 Pioneer Boxes

The inside of your S1 Box is where the magic really begins. Along with your sofi stick, you’ll find three valerian plant pods, each in a distinct flavour, to be taken in the unique order you find them in.

03 | digital rendering of S1 Pioneer Boxes

A bespoke QR code, able to be read by any smartphone, provides quick access to your digital sofi set-up coach - your guide to getting the most out of your plants. Finally, our S1 Pioneer Boxes are designed in size to fit right through your letterbox, so hopefully one less thing to worry about!

04 | original template of S1 Pioneer Boxes

A huge thank you to our design and manufacturing team for all their hard work!! It’s incredible to see sofi move from renderings on our screen to become a product in the physical world.

For footage of the full packaging reveal, make sure to check out the video here and check back next week for an update on the production of our sofi plant pods - the gorgeous glass bottles, soon to be filled with the first of our valerian formulations.

Keep on journaling!
Alex xx


Sooo exciting!!! :hugs:


We will have a look on our side on this @triplethreat3@alexwalkerjones can you see where Virginia’s sofi surprise is … unless it is navigating the Atlantic in a bottle!!

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Hi @Kaveh and @triplethreat3 - I can confirm it was sent out on the 4th Jan, so it may just be a case of playing the waiting game! My sofi surprise went out in the same wave and only appeared in the evening yesterday - so fingers crossed yours will be with you soon!

Of course, no Pioneer will be left behind - if days go by and there’s still no sign of it, we’ll come up with another plan :slight_smile:


Ha, I was just going to ask if we don’t receive the surprise by what day should we let you know!


Hi I watched the packaging demo. Well done it looks fantastic!! Can I ask please what is the baseline? Sorry if that’s a stupid question :face_with_monocle::rofl:


Looks absolutely amazing I’m so pleased and excited to be a pioneer with Sofi


So we use the term “baseline” to refer to the collection of data that a Pioneer provides ahead of testing a plant … it’s kind of about working out what “normal” is for that Pioneer. You can imagine that a dad with twins, a single parent working night shifts, a student or someone’s elderly parent have very different ideas of how normal works. But getting everyone to record at least 10 days of how they were ahead of introducing a plant we get a sense of how many hours they sleep kr how they feel … when we introduce the plant we look for how the feedback changes for the Pioneer to their baseline. This way rather than having to figure out what marketing claim we can get away (typical consumer health marketing) we actually make no claims but really look for genuine effect at the individual level. Cause that’s all that really matters. And we also capture none effect because that tells us the pathways which that plant targets are not the ones that helps that Pioneer. All of that is possible cause folks have “baselined” themselves or basically captured how they typically are before they start connecting with plants via sofi.


That’s an amazing question and something we were discussing earlier with @alexwalkerjones snd at @bee … how long after sending a sofi surprise via the postal services (particularly when we are shipping international) - should we assume all hope is lost (never)! I think we may have to do it case by case. It also helps us establish how long it will take us to get an S1 box across to you. (And future formulations)! So keep us posted here. We are keeping track of when we are shipping so we should be able to work it out between the two of us! Thx so much for you patience in the meantime. :pray:


That’s great news. I can’t wait to try them. I’ve had a terrible week with no sleep at all. I have run out of Zopiclone which I don’t like to take and is helping less and less now.
Last night took husbands allergy tablets supposed to cause drowsiness, didn’t help.
Tonight another night of me being awake all night, so lonely.
I really can’t wait to complete my journal and be considered for the valerian.
Great job guys