Sleep and weather?

Hi all,so happy to be here,my first post.I have found I sleep incredibly better when spring summer weather and the joy of knowing it’s going to be a beautiful more productive day lies ahead,whereas if winter I dont find much reason to jump out of bed unless for work.I find I can function more on how ever hours I get of sleep whether 1 or 7 I feel happier when beautiful outside.I believe it’s called “SAD” but I never give myself labels lol.hugs guys xxx


If I remember right that sounds for Seasonal Anxiety Disorder … and I totally agree, ont a fan of labels either. But there is no doubt that the level of light affects us and our moods and living on this little island well we are rarely blessed by that “fire in the sky” … so I have learnt to adjsut to bright cloud days and dark cloudy days … for me the seasonality that affects my sleep is more on an annual cycle of pollen!! I developed a severe hay fever and grass allergy about thirty years ago that I seem to want to hold on to … so these external factors - environmental - light level, pollen, humidity, temperature, … all of these are factors. We are working on the “sofi brain” so we can start adding “externalities” into our analysis … in a lot of research these are ignored … but from the individual perspective these things really impact how we feel and sleep. So we are working on ways to start reflecting that as well - but it may be a few month before we can start implementing these … and of course, for annual patterns like light level or seasonal allergy - well we will need to capture that over more than one solar cycle! But we are patient. xo