Smart Pod?.?.?.?

Still waiting on my smart pod. Any idea how long they take?


I’m still waiting for mine, I think the pebble took just over to weeks to arrive in Uk… I hope mine will be here soon…


Hi @Tracy037 and @Komarmaster - thanks for your post/comments!

I can see that we received your pebble photos successfully and your Pioneer Packs are now reserved for shipment after production.

We’re only a small startup, so our production time varies, however, already the wait time between launching new plants/program has significantly reduced from where we started (with some Pioneers previously waiting up to 8 months!)

In order for our final formulations to make it into our hands, it is a process of harvesting the plant, creating the extracts, flavour formulating, building improved generations of our smart pods, hand packing and assembling our units, and so on and so forth - so you can image that there is a high time requirement involved!

Our next plant will be a super strength Chamomile! Our current ETA is for an early September launch, of course, if there’s anything we can do in the meantime to push those timelines forward, we absolutely will.


I sent photos of my pebbles arrival but still no sleep pod is it on its way

Hi, if you read the post above ^ yours, you will see that the next trial batch of herbal mouth sprays will be Chamomile and is due to be released in September … hence you have not received yours yet :slightly_smiling_face: