Sofi app | introducing in-app results!

Prompted by an excellent question from @drmudlark - we thought to share a sneak peek of our new in-app results page, which will be featuring in the next major release of our sofi app.

Our development team has been working hard to incorporate many of the requests and suggestions submitted to us by you, so we can’t wait to hear what you think!

As many of your know, it takes roughly 10 days of spraying and journaling in order for sofi to begin generating your results. Our new in-app results page allows sofi to provide insights direct to you - and in real time - for each of the following:

  • sleep duration
  • sleep consistency
  • sleep quality
  • anxiousness
  • fatigue
  • mood
  • focus
  • calm

Remember, each result is exclusive to your experience - not the average of everyone else’s - giving you the opportunity to understand which formulation works best for you, exactly how much, and when. :sofi_moon: :blue_heart:

Your in-app results page will include each of your unique journeys, organised by plant. In addition to the results that sofi generates, we’ve added a special section that allows for free-journaling and extra notes. These will be stored for each journey for reference or review anytime, and we even have the option to go back and edit / add to them! :blush:

Its possible to have more than one journey for the same plant (even with different results) as your response to each plant can vary depending on multiple factors: your current lifestyle, events around you, consistency in spraying and journaling, diet, sleep cycle, exercise… etc.

We also know that our experience with each formulation can change over time - sometimes, for example, the body receives exactly what it needs from one particular herb to nudge itself right back on track - and so much so that another plant begins to provide new benefits instead.

Other times, the active ingredients of each plant can vary, depending on external factors such as time of harvest, location, and storage conditions. Even the time in the lunar cycle that plants are harvested can impact on the ratio and potency of the active compounds that are present within.

In order to further track this, and to really move the science forward, we are looking at finger printing each harvest of plants that we use in our formulations. Our ambition is actually not to create a uniform product, but really to capture and celebrate the inter-variability that exists between crops from season to season, and year to year - even of the exact same plant that is grown by the same farmer in the same plot of land. You can learn more about the process of chemical fingerprinting for plants here.

Each month, the formulation that you respond to best is the one that will be shipped to you monthly on subscription by default - but this doesn’t mean that you can’t choose to receive another plant/formulation instead. The choice remains in your hands, always.

We are so excited to remove the covers on this BIG and exciting feature, that has been over 2 years in the making - from concept-crafting, to design-drafting, to training the algorithm to account for all sorts of variables that populate our busy day-to-day lives!

We don’t have an exact release date yet, but stay tuned for more!! xx


That looks brilliant alex, thanks so much for the preview.

This is the bit that, for me anyway, makes sofi unique and stand out from other companies supplying herbal supplements.

Well done team sofi :heart_eyes: :star_struck:


Hi @drmudlark (and all!), I wanted to message to say that our in-app results page is now officially out! You’ll want to make sure you’re on the most updated version of the sofi app to start unlocking your previous journey results :blush:

Can’t wait to hear what you think! x

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