(Survey inside!) - Have your say and help our sofi become a business!

Things have been busier than usual around here, and for very good reason!

We are readily preparing for our first customer shipment of sofi, and can not wait to share more with you in the coming weeks as we equip our pre-order platform to go live.

The introduction of sofi as a paid capsule-subscription service will serve as the next major milestone for us in unlocking sofi’s mission to help one million Pioneers to feel and sleep better…

…but first, we need to hear from you!

Below is a 25-question survey that covers everything from price point, to subscription options, T&Cs, and our current pre-order “flow.” AKA you’ll get to experience first-hand what our subscription page will look like. The Pioneer Program will continue to remain free of charge for our current Pioneers during plant studies.

We are so excited to hear what you think:


It’s been an incredible journey for us so far and we would love this amazing community to continue shaping the future of our sofi together … excited to see your views and thank you so much to @josif and @alexwalkerjones on pulling this together :pray:


thank you @Kaveh for the kind words!

we put much effort into the new subscription process, so we look forward to your honest opinions! :crescent_moon:


Hi Alex, i filled it in but got cut off on the last question and found it was completed. Not important though.

There was one question, something like do you use wearables? I think? What does that mean? Glasses? Hearing aid? False leg? :grin:

Why are wearables relevant? Forever curious, me :laughing:


Do you need to pin this at the top? It will soon disappear below the current large number of ‘new’ topics!


This is a great question @drmudlark! Wearables as in wearable technology, whether that’s an apple watch, or oura ring!

For some time we have been thinking about a handshake with Apple Health and Google Fit that would allow communications between sofi and any wearable devices people might already have :slight_smile:


I see, thank you, that makes sense :grinning:

I’d like to look at the survey again to see if i have any other thoughts. It seems you can’t do that without answering the questions but i suppose i could answer them and not submit at the end?

I can’t remember if there was a one off purchase option although i suppose this would be the equivalent to a 3 month subscription, or the ‘Cancel with 30 days notice’ option?

The 12 month subscription is clearly the best value, but perhaps a risk to a new customer when they don’t know if the suggested herb is definitely going to work for them (as we have discovered here, we are all different). Also, some people may find it hard to choose their goal (e.g. i would be torn between sleep and more energy, not sure what would be available for the latter though, but i couldnt afford both at the same time).

Does the 12 month subscription mean that it has to be for the same one herb for 12 months, or is there an option to choose a different herb within the subscription period?

If the option to change exists, i would go for the 12 month subscription, because i have faith in Sofi products although not all herbs help everyone. If it doesn’t, i would go for the shortest subscription option and if there was no obvious improvement, i would try something different the next time.


Thank you for your feedback! @drmudlark

sofi as a service works only if you use it for a prolonged period of time. The idea is to start with 3 of our power plants (valerian, passiflora & ashwagandha) and discover from there what works the best for you.

Sofi will analyze your journals every month and recommend the best plant for you uniquely to send you the next month. Of course, you won’t use the same one for the entire subscription period, we will constantly update your result which you will soon see in the new version of the app!

There is a possibility that you will be able to override the plant we are about to send you and say for example ‘I still want valerian instead of ashwagandha’

How does this sound?


Sounds good to me, its all coming together nicely.
Well done Team Sofi :clap:


That sounds perfect to me @josif, thanks for your reply and clarification. With that option i would go for a 12 month subscription!

That hadn’t been clear to me during the survey, which is why i wanted to go back and look at the questions and purchasing info again, because i may have missed something.

When i answered the questions in the survey about myself and goal etc , the recommendation for me was Ashwaganda. I assumed that meant Ashwaganda for the 12 month subscription, hence wondering if some customers might be put off.

I perhaps hadn’t fully thought it through about all customers also journalling and getting feedback with Sofi Analysis. In the trials we havent yet had feedback of course and we can’t look back at our sleep for more than a week at the moment, but im looking forward to being able to do that in the future if we can.

You guys have come so far in the 18 months since i joined. Well done team Sofi. :clap: It looks like the rest of this year is going to be very busy for you! :heartpulse:


I had the same thoughts as drmudlark… I was wondering when you subscribed to the service, would you be daily journaling and be part of the sofi community.
Thank you for the clarification.


We had feedback on valerian :joy: but yeah I was wondering about how the analysis for S2 went.


Hi Aaron, when did you have feedback about Valerian?

I remember some examples being given in here for one or two of the very early pioneers, but i assume the Valerian feedback was private?

Mind you I just missed the first Valerian distribution and only tried it after S2.

I don’t remember getting any feedback but maybe I’m not as sharp as i used to be :thinking:

Where am I? :upside_down_face:


Honestly it was that long ago I don’t even remember much of it , @Kaveh is there any chance of seeing my data from S2 compared to S1 I’m quite curious on how different the impact was.


This is the next feature coming out on the sofi app @Aaron … UX and ui are complete and the team are coding … expectation that you will be able to see all of your historic results in a main section of the app by the end of the month :pray:


That’s great news @Kaveh .
Im sure everyone will be most interested to look back. I was not organised enough to record my own sleep journal on graph paper as well as in here. If i had been, no doubt i would have lost it by now! :blush:


I answered this as honestly as I could! I would’ve absolutely loved to be able to say that I would pay ANYTHING for some decent sleep, as that’s how I feel right now! Lol! However this is just not realistic unfortunately! :face_with_peeking_eye::joy:
I’ve not been here long, but so far I’m super impressed with everything, and have faith that u guys are gonna help me! I feel like I haven’t slept properly in forever!!
So excited to receive my pioneer pack! :raised_hands:t4::partying_face: